Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Personalities in Motion

The relationships among the cats in my household always interest me. I’ve written about them before, I’m sure, but they evolve and, with the introduction of a new cat, they can change quickly. Noah has been with me two months now. He has progressed in many ways, and his relationships with the perma-cats have changed.

The most interesting aspect of the boy’s stay is how Tucker has come to dominate him. I would never have suspected the roly poly one to have a bit of the tyrant in him. But, following upon his successful browbeating of Kola, my previous foster-cat, Tucker decided that Noah too needed placing in the hierarchy - and that place is beneath Tucker. The latter launched himself at Noah frequently at the beginning, but now does so only periodically, to remind the youngster of the situation. Noah, usually, becomes immediately submissive, and Tucker stalks away, satisfied.

This, however, leads to problems with Renn. My big boy, despite his size and streamlined appearance, is no fighter. Noah, thwarted at being the top mancat of the house - if indeed the thought occurred to him - was nevertheless not going to settle for the bottom rung. He has assaulted Renn several times without provocation, so that Renn growls warily whenever he sees Noah approaching.

Cammie similarly received unwanted attention from Noah early on. The boy ambushed the princess as she was coming away from the litter-boxes. Since then, Cammie has been on the defensive with regard to Noah, growling more ominously than does Renn, her ears flat back and her demeanour definitely menacing. Noah will avoid her on these occasions. Yet there is a fascination between the two, I can see. It is not the rule that Cammie will not tolerate the boy’s presence. Indeed, she will follow him sometimes, while Noah will lie as close as he dares to her. At these moments, however quiet they may be, I dislike to leave them unwatched.

And finally, Josie. My Chubs doesn’t care for Noah, either. She will give her whining growl if the newcomer gets too close, and the two have exchanged blows. But their fights are not like those Noah has had with Tucker. There is little viciousness in them, and Noah seems either intent on getting to know the Great White, or simply annoying her, though this happens regardless, as far as Josie is concerned.

Seeing the interaction among the beasts change with time and circumstances is always intriguing. For as long as my latest foster-cat remains, I think our little feline society will evolve. There may even be less hissing, some day.


  1. we see that here too....mainly as thing evolve with Junior. he still takes it into his head to stalk Ivy and Spud at times, yet having Daiquiri around gives him someone willing to put up with his shenanigans

  2. guys...N we hope de day wear therz noe hissin, growlin ore altercations comes peace can reign in de houz.....then it will be time ta give dad...sum fun...... !!! ♥♥♥

  3. It is fascinating to see how interaction evolves. I hope the hissing stops in the not too distant future.

  4. My original 3 amigos are all passive cats. Which is a good thing as Abby was nothing but ALPHA. Annabelle is a passive cat, she's just young and playful. So we don't have much clashing going on. I've never feared that any of them would fight with the other. Not like Abby. If you didn't let her have her way she'd dominate you until you did. She was very head strong and she never forgot a slight. Never. Oh my little Diva I sure miss her. What a character she was....and still is in my heart.

    1. I know how you feel. Tungsten will always be my top-cat.