Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thank you, Constable

Every year, in the spring, I replace the storm windows in my house with screens. They are in frames that fit snugly into the larger window frame; snugly but not tightly. I am always afraid that a determined cat would be able to push out a screen and escape. If he were pushing enough to throw the screen to the grass outside, then the cause of such activity may be enough to attract him into the back lawn, and even farther afield. I therefore secure the screens with screws and t-shaped plates.

This process has not been tested until now. The screen in question is in the parlour, where my current foster-cat, Noah, is confined during the day. It is telling, I think, that this energetic youngster is here at the time when I noticed something different about the screen.

It has been forced outward, to such an extent that the metal plate holding it in the window frame has been bent. The screen itself is tough; it is not the soft mesh that one often finds these days. I believe the screen is as old as the house; that is, about sixty years, and was made when durability was highly rated by manufacturers. It has remained firmly in place, and, thanks to the precautions I took, so has the frame.

I take no credit for such measures. As when one has children, a cat-owner knows that whatever trouble a cat can get into, a cat probably will get into, especially a nine month old kitten with a young adult’s strong body. And just as a policeman may never be called upon to prevent a crime on the beat he walks, it is good to know that he is there in case something untoward occurs.

Thank you, constable.


  1. Aha, an escape artist in the making! We're so glad you take extra care to keep everyone safely contained!

  2. wow - he did a number on that. when the windows can be opened here (and it is just too hot right now), we have inserts that fit in the window - lets in air, keeps cats from sleeping on window ledges

  3. Glad he didn't get out. I don't open our windows since I know that a couple of the cats would just let themselves out for sure. That sure looks like a great way to keep the screens on the house.

  4. Well played Noah but you'll have to think of another way to escape. MOL

  5. noah....itz a good thing yur dad iz smart...and handee......uh....how manee "choice" werds did dad use when he saw thiz !! { glad he DID see it... ta fix } !!! ♥♥♥

  6. Oh Noah, it might look interesting out there but you're better off indoors where you are safe! I'm glad your handiwork kept him indoors!

  7. Noah is obviously a strong little fellow. Quite determined too. I wished I could find some really tough screening. (My vandals destroy them all.). It never dawned on me, though, that if the screening is stronger, the frame might give out!

  8. Your efforts at ensuring your screens are secure proved to be necessary! I am relieved to know that you caught this in time. Noah is proving to be a bit of an escape artist. If he were a human youth, I bet he would be driven home in the back of a police car on a few occasions. From Jessica and Eileen

    1. Yes, Noah is definitely more than a little mischievous.