Monday, July 27, 2015

The Many Sides of Renn

The calendar of the Lethbridge PAW Society, the rescue-group of which I am part, is taking shape nicely. All the cat pictures have been taken and submitted. Renn is in the calendar this year, as I have mentioned before, and I thought that I would share his photographs with you. They were all taken by Tanya Plonka, of Puppy Love Pet Photography, here in Lethbridge, Alberta.

This first image shows my big boy full length. He was surprisingly comfortable with a stranger near by, and did not seem troubled at all. You can see that he is relaxed here.

In the next picture, he appears to have regressed into kitten hood. The angle of the photograph and the way it catches Renn lying on the bed telescoped everything, so that he is not only smaller, but his features are stubbier and less adult, while his forelegs are short. It is a neat and unintended effect, but doesn’t make for a good calendar photo. It is, however, what I imagine Renn to have looked like as a child-cat.

Here Renn is looking up. This was not a good picture, but does illustrate that he was interested in what was going on but not unnerved by it. He has come a long way, my brave boy has.

Cleaning himself, Renn is demonstrating even further that he is unconcerned by the photography session. Perhaps he was grooming himself so as to appear at his best.

The next series of pictures are the ones that I consider good for the calendar. Initially, I thought the one immediately below would be fitting, as it shows his often lazy demeanour and his magnificent whiskers - though only on his left side.

Then I decided this photo was the best for the calendar, as his expression is similar to the one above, but there is more of his face showing.

But this one puts Renn in a lionesque pose and gives a good view of his right-side whiskers. But I don’t know whether it shows him at his best.

This picture is an excellent likeness of his handsome face, but his whiskers are nowhere to be seen. The choice of image to end up in the calendar is a tough one, as you can tell.

Personally, I like the last photograph. I don’t know if it is suited for a calendar, but it does show my big boy curious and alert, as he often is. He sometimes crosses his paws while lying stretched out, and that and the look on his face give him a kind of angelic air, which is not usually a far-fetched comparison in his case. He also looks like a sheep guard-dog, of which he always reminds me.

Whatever the selection I make, these photographs all show Renn as he is: lazy, active, happy, apathetic, clean, canine, and, once in a while, young at heart. That’s my big boy.


  1. He is so handsome. I think he knows how to work the camera. haha! I'd be at a loss if I had to pick one. Deb

  2. I think it was a wonderful photo shoot, and I'm impressed that you get to choose the calendar photo. It will be a touch choice, I hope you'll let us know which one you decide upon. :-)

  3. They are all lovely photos of your boy, and you have a hard choice to make. I think I like the next to last the best with full face showing. The last one is lovely too with his paws crossed. Heck! They are all lovely. I am glad it is not me who has to decide.

  4. What a very handsome cat! Any one of these photos would be great for a calendar. I do love the last photo.

  5. What a thoroughly handsome cat! I think that last photo is especially nice. He has enough personality to take over a camera!

  6. lee awesum fotoz....veree nice werk by Tanya....we picked R fav o rites N wood like ta say we like 2, 7 & de last one az well ♥♥♥ best fishes two yur will bee a tuff choize ~~~ ♥♥♥

  7. I have to admit that I like all the photos of Renn. I wouldn't be able to decide which ones to choose. He is just such a handsome fellow. From Eileen and Jessica

  8. Great photos of Renn, he's definitely very photogenic. I've no idea which one I would choose..good luck with that!

  9. I like the last photo for the expression on Renn's face. He' certainly very beautiful but I think it's nice to show the beauty of his personality too.