Thursday, July 9, 2015

Renn of the Month

The rescue-group to which I belong, the Lethbridge PAW Society, publishes a calendar as a fund-raising effort. This will be its third year, and so far, the calendars have done well for the Society. The pictures featured are always of cats who have been rescued by and adopted from PAW. My cats, Tungsten and Josie, have been in the past two calendars, respectively.

In keeping with chronology, Renn is the next of mine to be featured. He was adopted third. The picture below is not one of those taken by the calendar’s photographer, Tanya Plonka. Ms Plonka owns Puppy Love Pet Photography, and provided her professional services free of charge as a donation to PAW and its cause. Her images are excellent, and I will share some of Renn’s when they are finished. In the meantime, you’ll have to be satisfied with one of my home-made jobs.

Renn was a much better model than I had anticipated. He stayed put and was almost nonchalant about the whole business. My big boy has grown braver and more confident with visitors over the years. I’m sure his pictures will turn out well, as he is undeniably a handsome mancat.


  1. dood !!! indeed ewe R handsum...we look forwerd ta see in yur fotoz & WAY KEWL everee one getz ta be in a calendar for a grate grate cause ! ♥♥♥

  2. I agree, he's unbelievably handsome!!!

  3. Yay for Renn! He IS a stunning cat and we know the photo(s) of him will be fabulous! He poses beautifully, makes our human think of angel Chumley, who also used to pose so well and was made for the camera, as Renn seems to be. :-)

  4. We're excited for Renn and can't wait to see the calendar. You'll let us know when we can purchase one.
    Your photo of Renn is pretty awsome but then Renn is a pretty awsome fellow. He has a natural elegance about him,doesn't he.

    1. The calendar should be ready for purchase at the beginning of September. They may be ordered by mail through the PAW Society (; the cost is $10 plus postage, which is probably about $2. The prices are Canadian.

      And yes, Renn is rather a stately fellow.

  5. Renn is very handsome and will be a lovely part of the calendar.

  6. How cool, I'm sure he'll be the cutest on the calendar!

  7. Handsome Calendar Boy. Better even than the firefighters' calendars. From Eileen and Jessica