Thursday, October 1, 2015

Caution: Curves Ahead

The veterinarian wanted me to read Tucker’s glucose level at noon yesterday. That is right in between his insulin injections, which are given between 5.30 and six each morning and each evening. I was off work yesterday (my work-place is going through a very slow period right now, so I was given a day off (unpaid, of course)) so I was by chance home to take the reading at mid-day. The reading was 16, down from his last reading of 27.

Now, this is an isolated reading, so the next step is perform what is called a ‘curve’. My roly poly will be poked in the ear with a needle every two hours from just before he receives his first insulin shot at 5.30 until he receives his second in the early evening. This will draw blood (considering my skill with the needle, I suspect Tucker will be poked twice or thrice as many times, just to get enough blood) for a reading. My poor roly poly. He is very good about this, though he flattens his ears when I touch them. He also never looks in the direction I need him to look. But he is very co-operative, really.

Along with the glucometer reading, I will note the time it is read and what and when Tucker eats during the day. This ‘curve’ will give a full account of how he is doing. Based on the single reading that I took yesterday, however, the doctor is pleased and has decided, for the moment, not to change the sausage’s dosage, which remains at two units of insulin, twice a day.

So far, Tucker’s experience with insulin management has not been bad. He is eating well and playing, and he purrs a great deal, which I love to hear. Maybe one day, the ‘curve’ that will be performed on Saturday will be the start of a 180 degree turn back to being free of diabetes.


  1. I love Tucker's curves. :-) I--we--hope for good results re: the other kind of curve, and that yes, at some point sooner than later he'll be off insulin altogether. Continued purrs to him from my boys.

  2. dood...we hope with all de best oh fish...which iz plentee in R book....taht ya DUE bee comes dia beeteez free....


    { sorree ya hafta go thru all de needle stuff ~~~~

    heerz two a frigate mackerull kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  3. Oh goodness, he's adorable. Fingers crossed that he's done with this diabetes sooner than later. Sending him a big hug. And you, too, for being such a good dad. Deb

  4. I hope that the dose Tucker is presently on is the one he needs for now, and hope his curve continues down to being diabetes free again.

  5. Tucker is so precious you just want to hug and kiss him. He doesn't look the worse for wear, so to speak, so you must be doing everything right (as we knew you would). We pray for good news about his curve results.

  6. Good luck! I still remember my first curve and how nervous I was.

    I have had cats that peaked at five hours and not six.. so you may want to consider doing them hourly in that middle range, just for more information. Not that you have to or even should.. just an idea.

  7. Good luck to Tucker and to you too! Hopefully this regimen of needles will be over soon.

    P.S. Like Fuzzy Tales, I too love Tucker's curves!

  8. Let's keep our fingers and paws crossed that the results are positive. Poor Tucker and having his pocked every two hours. He is such a sweetie. From Eileen and Jessica