Monday, September 28, 2015

The Lion and the Lamb

It’s interesting that a cat’s progress is often two steps forward and one back. Cammie is a good example of this. She will do something that she has not done before; it will surprise and delight me - but she won’t do it again for a long time, and until then, she will actively fight against doing it.

I hope that won’t be the case in this instance. The princess has been on my lap frequently. That is an established thing now. The steps are definitely forward in that respect. A while ago, she started jumping onto my lap even while I was on the couch, which was another progression. But as you can see from the first couple of photographs, she was wary of any other cat approaching.

Then, yesterday, she did something unprecedented. She leaped up onto the couch and settled onto my lap while two other cats were also on the couch. Tucker did not pose a great problem for her, though having him so near while Cammie relaxed was a victory. Even more so was that Tucker didn’t swat at Cammie while she was next to him. That was a real danger, as the roly poly one doesn’t care for cats being too close to him, though his views in this regard are less obvious than Cammie’s. But both stayed put.

But Noah was at the far end of the couch - which isn’t that far away. Even with space between them, Cammie usually becomes annoyed, angry, and absent, in that rapid order, if another cat - especially the boy - also claims a spot on the couch. Not this time. Everyone became comfortable and relaxed. Eyes closed. At one point, Cammie even dozed.

I had things to do, but this was too good a situation to ruin, so I stayed still for as long as the princess did. After about twenty-five minutes, the party broke up, Cammie dropping to the floor first.

Perhaps this will be a unique instance, but I don’t think so. It may not happen again for a while, but I am confident that it will repeat itself at some point. My cats may never become friends, but if the lion and the lamb can lie together, I will be happy.


  1. Long long 2004 when Boo, Ping and Jinx 'adopted' me. I can remember wanting so badly for Boo to be my 'lap' kitty. No such luck. That is why I adopted Abby, at least that was my thought at the time. Find a lap cat. And so it happened, and Abby indeed was a lap cat. She was also alpha cat. So Boo was forced to be in second place, because Abby forbid any one else any contact with me. That reign lasted 8 years and 2 months. Then Boo found out she was released from her benevolent dictator and discovered she quite like being near me. I thought Oh Boo why did you wait nearly 10 years? The small victory I find when she occasionally graces my lap are so hard won. But she curls up next to me and she sleeps beside me against me each night these days. They do things very cautiously, and sometimes it's hard to understand why it takes so gosh darned long.

  2. as is the case with boomer and dai$y; rarely will you see them in close proximity of each other; and when the rare moment occurs, of course, the camera device is "off" or in another room completely.... ♥♥

  3. Tucker really is very close to her! That is a great step forward for Cammie. I hope it becomes a regular occurrence.

  4. Her love for you overcame her fear. When a Siamese loves you, you are LOVED.

  5. Twenty-five minutes was a long party. I think Cammie believes your lap belongs to her and she wants the others to respect this. From Eileen and Jessica

  6. how wonderful and the fact that you have photographic evidence is even better

  7. That is really wonderful that Cammie has taken these first few forays into communal lap bliss for want of better. Our little Fitz is the same. She will at times come to see me while I am on the couch but not if there is another cat about. She has started to run into the bedroom and wants to walk over me as I lay on my back. This is now a regular daily routine. The queen of the whacking paw may be a couch cat yet.
    Well done Cammie
    And you are one pretty kitty!

  8. I totally understand the waiting for the cats to decide when to move. Some people might say we spoil them, but I just call it love. So glad that Cammie is becoming more comfortable around the other cats.