Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Parker Excelsior

Parker’s condition has improved. Whatever everyone was thinking for him evidently worked. I am grateful.

My orange boy actually began doing better the day I wrote the previous entry, describing his under-the-weatherness. I came home to find him playful and active (most of the cats engage in running about, even chasing each other, when I return from work). For dinner, he was eager to eat and finished off half a large tin of Merrick beef. He wanted more, but I was reluctant to push his luck. I had visions of him throwing it up again, due to overly swift consumption. But he ate another quarter-tin at snack-time, several hours later.

Parker did as well today. His enthusiasm for his food is a little less (more normal, in fact), but his appetite is good. I’m not sure what caused the reversal, any more than I know what caused his earlier feelings. When I came home Monday, I noticed a tiny hairball on the floor, but it was nowhere near the size Parker would have produced, nor his colour. I can’t imagine that that had anything to do with the sturdy boy’s better health.

I will, nonetheless, be dosing him with hairball remedy. I had done so Sunday night and, though it may be a coincidence that he was patently happier the next day – his earlier yellow bile was unlikely a sign of a hairball – it may be that some other reaction to the hairball remedy is responsible. I will try a regular application of slippery elm, too.

I have lived long enough with cats to know that nothing is guaranteed: today’s high spirits may drop to nothing tomorrow, and vice versa. I will continue to watch for signs, and be pleased that Parker is doing well again. In the meantime, I give you images of Puck so intent on looking out the window this weekend that he didn’t realise his tail could have been in the water…


  1. John, I don't know if it would help growing some cat grass as an inside plant? Cats love to chew on the grass to help their digestion. Because miss Pops gets to go outside she is often found lying on the grass having a chew.

    Glad to hear that your boy is feeling better.

    1. I thought about grass, but I'd have to regulate its consumption a bit with my six cats. And that causes vomiting, doesn't it?

  2. Well, this is good news! We hope Parker continues to feel like his normal self. The tail-almost-in-the-water pics made us chuckle! There must have been a great kitty program on outside. :-)

  3. What great news to hear that Parker is feeling better. Hopefully everyone will stay well! We'll make it a New Year's Resolution - for the new year, everyone will stay well.

  4. I am delighted to know that all the love worked for that dear boy!!! WE are both smiling here!!!

  5. That is very good news that Parker is doing so much better. Long may it continue for all the beasts!

  6. Such good news to hear Parker is feeling so much better. I was worried about him and I am very happy that he is back to his usual self. Maybe just a bit of tummy upset?

  7. Oh my John, Have been away and didn't realize you had so much going on! Hope that all is well with everyone and that the little Princess is well. Wishing you a lovely holiday and prosperous new year!
    Marty and Mum

  8. Whew! Glad Parker's feeling better. It's so upsetting when our fur babies are ill and they can't communicate their problem. Thankfully Parker's system sorted it out. Hope you get a break and no more sickness for awhile!

  9. Hmm... maybe cats grass would help?

  10. That is good news, and I hope too that it his turn-around continues to be the norm. Perhaps he simply ate something that disagreed with him, and has now gotten rid of it?

    The photos make me laugh. Saku is particularly oblivious to his surroundings and often gets wet.