Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Over-bite

While I am trying to give the other cats their due – Josie and Renn seemed sentenced to obscurity by their good health – some of the beasts continue to intrude into my blog by virtue of their cuteness.

Raleigh is battling a cold right now. He is of course susceptible to illness because of his FIV. As well, he is being given Prednisolone, which, I believe, further depresses immunity. Peachy is currently blowing bubbles with his nose, and his left eye, the goopy running of which diminished considerably in recent weeks, has begun extruding again. I am not too worried, as colds will probably often assault someone in his condition. I will nevertheless keep watch on his symptoms.

But something else I noticed was his over-bite. Look at that adorable little face. He’s like a little boy perpetually biting his lip, hoping he will be liked. Well, he must have found an appreciative place to stay while awaiting his permanent home: he fell asleep on my lap, and I couldn’t move to chase Parker off the kitchen counter when the latter took advantage of my indisposition to look there for food. I couldn’t even yell at the orange-boy, for fear of waking Raleigh.

You don’t think they planned that, do you?

Well, anyway, look at that face…


  1. That face is very precious to many of us. ♥

    Yes, I think they planned that, btw. :-)

  2. You betcha they planned it. A cat’s generalship would put Napoleon and Grant to shame.

    And I love that overbite!

  3. I love the photos of Raleigh. He's sooo cute! I know I tend to over-react when an animal gets sick, but, John, I would give the vet a call to see if any treatment is needed for his cold. With Raleigh's weakened immune system and his being on prednisilone, you don't want a cold to develop into something more serious. And keep in mind with Christmas coming, it might be difficult to get a vet if you should need one.

    1. Raleigh's veterinary is on holiday now, but I am in communication with him via text-message. I've told him about Raleigh's cold and asked if anything should be given or done.

    2. Great! Thank you for your update!

  4. Aww...sweet Raleigh! The kitties say well done Parker, I suspect he found nothing there but you can't fault a cat for trying.


  5. Raleigh is beyond adorable, and I hope he's feeling better now!