Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Fault of a Dog

Neville went back to his regular foster-home on Friday. I will miss him, but then I tend to miss any cat who is with me for more than a few hours. He is a sweet-natured fellow, at least with people. I had to put him in the bathroom at one point, in order to vacuum the library, where he was staying, and, as I was carrying him back, he caught sight of Renn. This produced gentle hisses.

Neville will be returning in about a fortnight. His foster-guardian must travel again and will drop him off here for a week. During that time, I will let him out of the library, and have him meet the others – under strict supervision, of course. I don’t want to keep him in one room for as long as seven days. We will see how things go.

His foster-guardian arrived to collect Neville Friday evening, bringing Snowy with her. Snowy is a happy little poodle, fifteen years old, pampered and well-loved. He lives with the cats in their foster-home and, as is often the case in feline / canine relations, no cat dislikes him. He is in fact very good friends with a couple of them. Snowy is growing deaf, but is still spry – so much so that he barely sat still enough for a photograph - and loves people. He had just had a professional washing so, aside from being thirsty, wanted to roll about a bit to get back his dog-smell.

This isn’t the first time a dog has visited the cosy apartment. My beasts usually watch the newcomer with great curiosity, but evince no animosity. Like most cats, they would probably find a canine roommate to be little trouble, certainly much less than a new cat. (And no, I won’t be getting a dog; the apartment building’s rules forbid it. Besides, with me being gone all day working, it wouldn’t be fair on the dog. That is, I believe, why I chose a cat in the first place, ‘way back when…) 


  1. I'm sure your disappointment at 'losing' Neville, was tempered with the knowledge that you'll have him again. Every cat that I live with or meet, become a part of me and I don't like to let go!

  2. “I will miss him, but then I tend to miss any cat who is with me for more than a few hours.”

    I know how you feel. Some time back, I took in a cat whose owner was spending the summer in Europe. After three months, it was so painful to give her up. Beastie and I had really bonded.

    I would be an utter failure as a foster. I’d never allow any of them to be adopted and I’d wind up with a household the size of Texas.

    1. That's why Tucker, Renn and Cammie are still here...

  3. Snowy is a cutie. In truth, from your post title, I thought that Neville was back with you permanently because of problems with the foster parent's dog. I wonder if Neville gets confused or feels unsettled, being shunted around. I realize it's necessary, it just would be nice for him to settle in a home for good. Of course, I can write that about the millions upon millions of homeless cats, dogs, etc.

  4. I have the utmost respect and admiration for people who can foster animals. I couldn't do it. I would be what is known at the shelter as a "foster failure". I wouldn't be able to give the animal back, and like Undine, I'd end up with a household the size of Texas, (or maybe even larger!)

  5. I know Neville will be so happy to see you too.

  6. Sasha and Saku would never tolerate a dog in the house - my brother brought his in once some years ago. The cats made a mad dash for under the bed. Your cats have obviously become more accustomed to strange animals in the apartment.

    Here's hoping Neville finds his forever home soon. In the meantime, I know you both will enjoy his periods with you.

  7. It is always nice to see cats and dogs that not only get on well together but also enjoy sharing the same space, although I suspect it is at the cat's discretion.
    Eric and Flynn would never have tolerated a dog. Once my BIL brought his springer spaniel with him and the boys chased him hissing and screaming at him. The dog slunk off back to the car, tail between his legs.
    My BIL said that at home his dog would chase cats if they came near his garden. Maybe Eric & Flynn sensed that and made sure they got in first.

  8. Way back when I was a young fellow we had both dogs and cats and they got along pretty well except when a pup would venture too close to our resident Queen of the households kits. Then she would get up on her two rear legs and walk the pup out the door swatting at him the whole time. Needless to say our pups always knew the cats were the true bosses of our home.