Thursday, September 26, 2019

Neville, Thus Far

My new foster-cat, Neville, is settling in a bit more. I bring him to the bedroom when I have a half-hour or more to spend in there (I figure taking him there for less time would be disruptive to him); usually, I try to have one of the other beasts there. He does not seem to be bothered by Josie at all. Tucker required some getting used to, but both the roly poly and the Thin Man snoozed on the bed (some distance apart). Renn will probably be next, as he is in the bedroom quite a bit. I figure continual exposure to the others, especially when they want nothing more than to sleep, will give Neville a beneficent impression of the neighbourhood.

His blood-glucose numbers are very good. On several days I have not had to give him his insulin, and on the days I have, I have given just one unit once a day, rather than the one and a half twice a day he was getting when he came. I attribute this improvement to good and steady work by his former foster-guardian. The trouble is that while I should be testing him every day (twice a day, at that), it is simply too hard on Neville. He cringes sometimes when he sees me coming, and I know it’s because of the ear-pokes. I will give him one unit of insulin in the evenings unless his testing dictates otherwise, and monitor him closely.

One of my concerns is that Nev is quite uninterested in things. He is not lethargic as such, so I don’t think it is an effect of the diabetes. He is alert, when he wants to be; he’s just not interested in anything. I will continue to attempt to amuse him with toys, strings and other diversions. In the meantime, I will talk to him and pet him. And inflict other cats upon his presence.

While the Thin Man’s progress is slow, it is showing more promise than I had first anticipated, especially in the possibilities of integration. Neville huffs and puffs when angry (as Parker did), but once presented with another cat, he seems to accept the situation, if not pushed into it too fast.

And here, below, is Nev’s first official portrait, taken by someone who is not me. I think it conveys his personality well, and hides the hacked-up hair that is only slowly renewing itself. Isn’t he a handsome fellow?


  1. This is good news! I'm glad Neville's diabetes seems to be well under control, and I hope that continues.

    I don't recall if you have any information about his past, but perhaps he was with someone who didn't give him toys, who didn't play with him, and he just doesn't "get it." My mom and her step-dad adopted a young stray, years ago, who was like that. They speculated she had been with a very elderly person who didn't play with her. Or maybe Neville still is unsure, is wary, and that's holding him back. Perhaps when he's been with you for longer he'll show an interest in a toy of some sort. The most important thing is that he's safe and has good care now, that he's content.

  2. He is indeed a good looking guy, especially now that his haircut is growing back. They seem to have given him the feline equivalent of a mullet. :)

    I doubt there’s any reason to be concerned about Neville’s seeming lack of interest in things. I’ve seen cats like that. They’re not ill or unhappy, just...laid back.

  3. we are just catching up, so WELCOME Neville and we know you are in great paws and hands

  4. dood ewe iz most handsum....troo lee.....ewe get yur full weight bak on N ewe will bee lion feerce....

    for what itz werth...knot showin an interest in stuffz iz just bee in a catz { that N yur new surroundinz }

    cuzin daiz showz interestz in stuffz may bee 15 timez....a yeer...noe joke....may bee herz plottin ta take over toona tee vee... sew her mindz all wayz goin....

    may bee yur kindad sorta like that two....thinkin bout how ta take over de werld ;) ♥♥☺☺

  5. It seems that Neville is settling in very nicely. His diabetes is under control, and that's great news. I wouldn't worry about his lack of interest, John. Cats become socialized between 2 and 7 weeks of age. If they are not socialized during that period they miss out on learning "how to be a cat". I wonder if this happened with Neville. But that said, I'm sure that once he starts interacting with the other cats, he'll see how much fun he can be having, and he'll become more active and playful.

  6. It is good news that Neville's diabetes is under control. hopefully with time he will show more interest in things,

  7. He is definitely a handsome boy! Glad to hear his diabetes is stable. My Sami was much like Neville, in that she didn't really play. She far preferred to be a lap cat and stuck close to me most of the time. It may just be his personality or he's still getting accustomed to his new home.

  8. Neville really is a good looking guy and who knows, he may not know how to play or you haven't found something that intrigues him yet. That's terrific news on the diabetic front though.

  9. We are happy to see Neville is settling well. Looks like he is enjoying the wonderful cat tree. Thanks for sharing the wonderful news. Have a fantastic day.
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  10. Yes, Neville is quite a looker! It's a matter of timing with play, no doubt. Our Angel ignores toys and scratchers and everything left and right, all day long, except when it's bedtime and I can get her to paw at the ribbon toy for a few minutes. Yep, that's all I get!

  11. Sorry! But..every time see Neville..l think
    to myself..'Ah! Bless'..He's lovely, and the
    last photo, is excellent..real character...
    though l should'nt say it..he looks lovely,
    even with hacked up hair..pleased it's growing
    out now..!
    He's lovely..! :).

  12. Neville is truly handsome. I love his face too...piquant looking one could say.

  13. I have been out of commission as the computer was minding everyone's business but mine and Katie's. But we're back. :-)

  14. That his numbers are now lower is wonderful news and we hope they stay good and possibly even get better. He is a handsome fellow and has a very nice portrait.