Monday, September 2, 2019

The View Down There

Lately, Renn has taken to spending time half under the bed, as if watching something there. I have looked but see nothing. It may be a loose thread of rug waving back and forth in slightly stirred air, a scent of something unusual; it may be a nest of vipers hatching from eggs laid while I was at work. That last would be bad.

My big boy doesn’t do this all the time, and he has just started it. He doesn’t try to lie under the bed. He is content to observe. When I talk to him, he comes out readily enough, as if to say, ‘Nope, nothing there; I didn’t see anything that could kill you in the night. Is dinner ready?’

I know numerous people have noticed cats staring at blank walls with intent interest, as if they see some diabolical entity materializing, or maybe uneven colouring in the paint, which can be worse to some people. Cats sometimes do this late at night, when their human is alone. Feline humour is not always appreciated by bipeds.

But Renn spends his nights on the bed with me, so, until he suddenly checks under the frame and then bolts from the room, I will assume I am safe. When he does flee the scene, however, I won’t be far behind him.


  1. Yes, cats do like to tease their humans. Ivor used to play cards with friends on a Friday night and you could guarantee that when it was pitch black outside and they knew I was alone, they would both stand up and stare at the door with their hackles up. They would wait while I checked all the doors and windows were locked then look at me as much as to say, "What's up with you?" and stroll off to bed.

  2. Made me smile and by golly, you are a wise person, as would I be if Katie bolted from the room. I had that happen once, and it about scared the hair off my head.

  3. It was probably Parker paying a visit, Renn can see him, it's a kitty thing.

  4. How thoughtful of Renn to make sure that everything is OK under the bed. I suppose he's just trying to be a watch-cat. My cats are watch-cats too. If someone broke into my apartment, they'd watch. :-)

  5. As we ALL word follows Pussy~cats
    around..and that is curiosity..! :).
    I won't state the obvious saying, as l don't
    like it..! :(.

    I remember my Darlinga..the first pussy~cat l
    had on my return to the UK back in 1973..
    She took to watching the snooker on TV..She'd
    sit in front the screen, and when a ball went
    down a pocket, she'd get up, go behind the TV
    to see where the ball had gone! :).
    Even if she heard birds on the TV she'd be there
    like a shot, and put her paws up onto the screen,
    trying to catch the birds..She was quite a character!
    But! Then they ALL were..! :o).

    1. I can just imagine a cat looking for the balls that dropped into pockets; really, pretty smart of her.

  6. Great comments, angels Eric and Flynn's made me laugh, as did Roberta's.

    Only Renn knows what's so fascinating, and apparently he isn't letting you in on the secret. Sometimes Derry will stare off at...something. I usually joke that it's angel Annie. That or he's tuning into to instructions from the Mother Ship.

  7. When a cat looks off, I try to follow their line of vision to pick up the interesting object, but rarely do I see what they see!

  8. I do wonder what they are thinking when they stare off into space. I hadn't thought they might be seeing something I ought to fear!

  9. It is always a bit off-setting when a cat, for their own reasons, takes particular notice of something when there appears nothing. Our Elder, Buddy Budd, likes the our vestibule. There are two old milk cans out there that I can put packages on and he will sit and stare behind them for as long as he is allowed out there. I have looked several times, swept any cobwebs, looked again and he goes right back to the same corner looking from the same side. I have a feeling there is a dimensional rift back there that will open when there is a thunder storm with just the right conditions. Of course he will then intercede and save us all. His regular walk about allow me to sleep easy on those thunder filled nights. Such is the secret way of cats