Monday, September 23, 2019

The Puzzle of the Thin Man

Neville’s placement in the cosy apartment is not progressing just yet. I had to take blood from his ear for his glucose-readings, and I am certain I hurt him during the attempt. He also disliked being restrained while I took the sample, though I had no choice. As a result, he is now somewhat afraid of me.

Aside from that, he is uninterested in anything. He doesn’t want to look out the window, or interact with me. He is unmoved by the other cats except when he thinks they may be too close to him. I have tried playing with him but that bores him, as well. Because I am not sure how to stimulate him, he continues to prove a challenge. He may be a little depressed.

I have been taking him into the bedroom when Renn or Josie are on the cat-trees. Nev doesn’t seem to mind them there. He snoozes on the bed. I let Tucker come in yesterday and get up on the foot of the bed, more to see the roly poly’s reaction than the Thin Man’s. Surprisingly, while Tucker stared at the new fellow, he did not seem put out. Neville, however, was not ready for a strange cat that close to him.

I bought another track-ball to amuse Neville, but he seemed unmoved by it. Parker liked the toy, as did, many years ago, Kola, another of my foster-cats. I now buy them periodically, whenever I feel the need to spend $25 pointlessly. I may try a cat-nip toy with Neville, though I am distrustful of the substance. It seems to have an unpredictable effect on the beasts in my household. But my skinny boy needs some distraction, so I will see what he thinks of it. I hope that some improvement is just a matter of time.


  1. Here's hoping The Thin Man moves out of his funk, and relaxes! He's had a lot to get used to; he'll come around.

  2. It takes some cats longer than others to adjust to a new environment. Perhaps Neville is just retreating from everything until he can figure out what’s what.

    Or maybe he’s just lazy. :)

  3. He probably is still a bit confused with his new surroundings and I'm sure he'll get used to the ear stick, our Zoe doesn't mind it, or didn't, she's been in remission for 2 years now. Purrs to you Neville, you'll do fine pal.

  4. I think all of the above comments are quite correct. Neville will eventually come around. It will just take time, love, and patience. One toy that may interest Neville is a cat dancer. It's my cats' favorite toy. All of them love it.

  5. dood....werd up....yur new place iz yur for everz place... we noe a lotta stuffz goin on & haz will all bee all rite....promize.....mite take a few dayz, mite take a few weekz but ewe will due good.......trooth buddy.....

    frum de feral:

    mackerull BJBF ♥♥☺☺

  6. Neville has had a lot of changes so it will take him a while to adjust. He enjoyed his time with you before, and given time I am sure he will again.

  7. Ah! Bless the little fella..Lost count the
    amount of times l've looked at your last
    post John..He's lovely..and yes, think he'll
    come round in his own time and way..! :).

    Tell ya what..give him some 'pink' ribbon to
    play with..HeHe! Must be pink..! Bless!x :o).

  8. I'd be depressed, too, if I were shunted around from place to place, hauled to the vet, poked and prodded...poor love. I think he'll settle in, in due course, he just needs to realize in his own mind that he's okay, he's safe, he's not going anywhere else. Does he like any canned food? You could always sit quietly in the room with your hand smeared with a favourite canned food, to entice him. (Worked for a co-worker who fostered feral kittens some years ago.) I think you'll both be fine, you have the understanding and patience he needs.

  9. Neville has had, as you know, a terrible time of it before he came to you. I think having to go to that other person was the straw that broke his figurative back. Hopefully he will readjust once more, bless him.

  10. Had to chuckle John...
    If Miss Poppy!x could write a book...
    You could write an Encyclopedia...! :).
    HeHe! Bless! 😸 😺

  11. It is so difficult when we cannot explain to our small patients that what we are doing is for the best. Hopefully he will accept his new normal and relax with treatment and the family. The trick here is to provide copious treats but that may not be best with a diabetic. Time will tell. Sigh.