Monday, October 21, 2019


Tucker ignored the cylinder-house cat-tree for so long that I assumed he either had no interest in it, or could not climb into it, or both. Eventually, he showed me that he could hoist himself into it, and quite handily, too. Even so, he generally left it to Renn, as seen here.

But lately, the roly poly has been enjoying the curved comfort of the cylinder-house. He also likes the fact that it provides plenty of prospects for playing peek-a-boo. Yes, Tucker, long thought of as the baby of the family (though Renn is younger) becomes quite happy playing that simple game. Whether I use the partition that separates the dining area from the entrance vestibule, or whether I look in one side of the cylinder-house and then the other, Tucker seems to get a kick out of it.

The cylinder-house, however, gives him scope to twist and turn, looking at me sideways, then upside down, first to the right, then to the left. His purrs at such fun can become quite loud, and he squeals when I grab the top of his head unexpectedly. His stubby forelegs can barely reach my fingers, which merely makes him squirm all the more.

Though the cylinder-house cat-tree has never faced a window, it has rarely lacked for occupants. Indeed, its structure makes it rather disadvantageous for viewing the scenery, and is much better to use for slumber. And, as Tucker demonstrates, for playing.


  1. The pictures are terrific! They show just what a character Tucker really is!

  2. Awww that looks like a fun game. It is nice to have a good little play.

  3. A pussy~cat peeping around a corner is so
    funny..Always makes me laugh..! :).

    Perhaps you should get one of those 'Sharkies' Poppy!x had for her birthday..I
    was amazed how big and long it was..Strange
    though, cats still find a discarded box the
    best thing to play with..then sleep in of
    course..Bless! :)

  4. That IS the sweetest thing just as Brian said. And that dear face of his. He is so handsome and his face is adorable. That candy pink goodness. I love playing peek-a-boo with Katie. She doesn't do that as often now that she is an older girl, but she does still peek around a corner at me several times and I make the little surprise sounds she loves.

  5. It seems every cat has a place to snooze. Precious is in
    her blanket fort right now, set up over my recliner foot rest.
    So of course, the chair extends into the room even when a person
    is not in it!

  6. What a silly sweetie he is. I'm glad he's having in it, at least for the moment. :-)

  7. It's always fun to find the playful kitten inside the cat!

  8. catfather; we iz buzzed happee ta see yur soft side; how manee monthz de we set out to hunt down de bass terd gobbler N we all had ta bee street wize tuff ~~~ :) ♥♥

  9. We have a cube but near the floor that we lost interest in after only a week or two. Maybe we will ask Dad for a tube. Hmmmm

  10. Awww, Tucker is just a kitten at heart!