Monday, October 28, 2019

The Stare

My plans to catch the last of the kittens in the feral colony today have been postponed. It snowed this morning and, though the ferals come out in the cold, they stay in - wherever they may be - when it snows. There isn’t much snow, but there is enough to make it uncomfortable. Only Bijou, the long-haired grey and white boy, neutered last year, ventured out for breakfast. He ate and was gone again. His are the only tracks in the snow, so I know I won’t have luck in catching anyone. I will see about tomorrow.

Though today’s postponement is disappointing, I do have this to show you. This is how Josie is able to eat when someone else is already at the food bowl. She sits and stares at the cat currently enjoying a nibble. She won’t move, and eventually her target becomes unnerved by her eyes, even if he is not looking at them, and moves on. I’ve seen it happen with most of the beasts here. My Chubs has practised it for a long time.

I suppose it is an improvement on the more intrusive action that she had previously used. This was to come up behind the dining cat and place her chin on his shoulder. This appeared to be startling, as well as disruptive, so the stare is, at least, a gradual, rather than a sudden, tension.

It nonetheless gets the job done.


  1. Obviously, Josie rules the feeding roost!

  2. we know who is boss at the Cosy Cafe - Josie. Way to go, Girl!! Good luck catching the rest of the ferals tomorrow!

  3. They do the strangest things...
    Fudge who pops round every day for
    a saucer of milk and a chat is a naughty
    boy..shooting season started two weeks ago,
    and last year was his fist encounter with l started doing them, he'd
    jump up on the table and watch..this year
    he's decide! He's obsessed
    with these pheasants, even when their hanging
    on the back of the keep the
    heart, kidneys and liver..cut a little meat
    from the breast, and fry them up for him...
    HeHe! But! When l'm cleaning, and gutting them
    he has to help..the thing that
    when l sharpen the knife on the soon
    as he hears that..Oh! Goooood Moooorning Fuuuuudge!
    Bless him! Love him to bits..naughty boy..!

    1. Pheasant! Wow, Fudge must be in Heaven. But he knows that a sharpening knife means food, eh? Smart boy.

  4. Josie has developed a very effective strategy! This makes me feel badly for the others. LOL.

    S-n-o-w is a four-letter word, not one that should be used while still in October. Preferably not at any time, but since this is Canada....

    Anyway, best of luck tomorrow with the trapping!

  5. My Lucy would do the exact same thing! And man, she had a stare that could give Chuck Norris the willies.

  6. Josie, I didn't know you were the alpha cat but it seems you are. I hope the snow disappears and no more at least for awhile until the rest of the ferals can be rounded up.

  7. Hey, if it works it works! Good luck on getting the last wee one.

  8. Good work Josie! That's almost a "mom" stare, one I never quite mastered. :)

  9. It must be very unnerving to be on the end of that stare.

  10. That is a good maneuver to clear the dish of previous diners. Our Buddy does something similar but to get his pillow back. It is next to me on the bed and is a coveted nap spot with nightly rotations