Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Bauble's Revenge

After half a day of feeling quite elated at my successful trapping of Bauble, and further delight at the swift and successful spaying thereof, I received back the cat in question and took her to my apartment to recover. But I learned a piece of news that rather disturbed my equanimity. The revelation itself was quite mundane, but the conversation could have run something like this…


“A swift and successful spay, eh, Doctor?”


“Indeed. Everything went well.”


“Bauble is in all respects healthy?”


“Oh yes. There’s nothing to worry about, though…”


When there is a short pause from such an interlocutor, there is usually a longer one from myself. So I partook of this opportunity. But since the conversation thereupon flagged, I prompted it.




“Bauble is nursing.”






Being such a fan of the English language, I decided that I should take advantage of it and determine precisely what was meant.


“By ‘nursing’, you mean that Bauble has recently been assisting in the care of the sick and injured in a hospital or clinic.”


“No, I do not.”


“By ‘nursing’, you mean, perhaps, that she was aiding the medical authorities in the comfort of covid-19 victims.”


“Alas, no.”


“By ‘nursing’, you mean, then, that she was helping to raise young English boys and girls, to an age at which they would be passed to the tutelage of a governess.”


“I’m afraid not.”


“By ‘nursing’, you mean that Bauble has been spending her time in a bar, something from a Eugene O’Neill play, a glass of beer or whisky in front of her, her consumption thereof being unusually prolonged.”


“Bauble has recently given birth to kittens. They are probably at least a month old now.”


Just after this, I beat the doctor severely with a rolled up poster that proclaimed ‘you’ll be happy that you spayed your cat.’


Well, perhaps the truth is a bit different. But not the part about Bauble nursing. I figure that the kittens will be meandering about very soon. The good news is that the group that is helping facilitate the trapped cats’ sterilisation always agrees to take in very young kittens, for adoption elsewhere. Well, that would be good news, except that they, along with every other rescue-group in the province has been inundated with kittens this year, and won’t, in fact, be accepting any of Bauble’s kittens. Depending on how many of these little newcomers there are, I may be changing the title of my blog to something like “I Have Ten Cats”…

But this morning, I saw Bauble waiting for the food we provide for her and her fellows. She moved well and looked good. She actually had some words for me, though I won’t repeat them. She may have had some even worse words if she knew that I would be soon attempting to capture her children, the little brood I like to call Bauble’s Revenge...


  1. Oh, gosh! I was actually expecting you to write that Bauble was a "he", not a "she!"

    Well, I guess I'd better wish you the very best of luck in getting her kittens, sooner than later!

    1. I was half expecting the doctor to tell me that Bauble had already been fixed, and I’d spent two years trying to catch a cat who didn’t need catching.

    2. When I began reading this post, I was hoping that's what you'd say...

      Ow. Good luck in finding those poor little kittens soon.

  2. Nursing! OMG, more kittens! Your job will never end for trap/neuter/spay and release! And Bauble had plenty to say about being separated from her
    off spring. How many, what sexes, what coloring, and so go the questions. Best of luck to all.

  3. OY VEY!!!!
    Your project file was just reopened!
    When I was in Ireland during my college years, I ran into the same 'nursing' word problem; I said my sister was nursing her newborn twins, but mine hosts assumed I meant that she was working at hospital.

  4. I sure hope those kittens show themselves super soon.

  5. I'm reminded of "Jaws" - Just when you think it's safe... It looks like Operation Raffle will continue for awhile. Hopefully you'll be able to trap Bauble's kittens soon. Please keep us posted.

  6. Oh for goodness sake! This stupid blue tooth keyboard sometimes has a mind of it's own. I have left my first attempt at commenting so you can see what I sometimes have to put up with. Just moving it an inch either way and it is okay again.
    What it should say is:
    I hope those kittens are soon trapped. I also thought you were going to say that the vet told you Bauble had already been spayed.

    I hpe thhose kittesoon tapped. also thht thathewas going to saay hhad already n seyd

  7. well played on the nursing word John, we hope the kittens are captured soon; and feel free to share bauble's words of wisdom;
    at least here in TT.... we ourselves have said it all ;) ☺☺♥♥

  8. Seems like there was - er - a bobble about Bauble. Purrs that all turns out ok !

  9. You made me smile John, but the situation sure is a hard one. She has kittens...who knows how many...and my gosh, all the Inn's are full!

  10. Oh my, well at least you know there won't be another brood. Good luck catching the young ones!

  11. Your little write up John, would
    have made a funny little TV sketch..! :).

    And Bauble is a lovely name..does she 'hang'
    about at Christmas time..! :o). (sorry)..

  12. When we did Fanny we were so lucky they were old enough to get and they all were gotten within 3 days. We do wish you all well with Bauble's kits and that they too get their "work done" before they too add to our population problems. Thanks so much for your good works