Sunday, October 18, 2020

Neville's Way

As readers of this blog know, Neville is my foster-cat. He is, therefore, available for adoption. As they may also know, he is diabetic, and classed by many as ‘special needs’; this limits his availability, though, in fact, diabetes in a cat, once managed, doesn’t require a great deal of work or money.

But Neville has another quality that may affect a potential adopter’s decision: he is not usually a cuddler. It’s not his way.

Many people want a cat who enjoys physical closeness: a lap-cat, or one who likes to snuggle next to the person. I understand that. It’s not only a delight for the human, it signals in a positive and concrete manner the affection the cat has for his person. The Nevsky doesn’t always do this. Like every cat, my former Thin Man prefers things on his own terms, doing them when and where he wants. Many cats want to be close to a person all the time; Nev does not.

Yet there are times when he will demonstrate that he likes me. Yesterday, for instance, I rested on the couch in the sitting room and, looking at Neville on the cat-tree by the window, patted my lap, more in hope than in anticipation. He jumped down and came over. Leaping up on the couch, he hesitantly settled on my lap. I started stroking him under the chin, which is his favourite manner of petting.

For about twenty minutes, Nev lie almost still, pushing his head forward to receive the most from my attention. I moved to one side of his face, then to the other, then back to his chin. He was silent, but I could feel the purrs vibrating in his throat. At the end of the period, he got off my lap and lie down at the other end of the couch. He was done.

This doesn’t happen every day, or even every second day. But I crouch next to him as he snoozes on the carpet and stroke his back. Or I stand beside him while he reposes on a cat tree and comb his long hair. Most of the time, this results in a low, throaty purr, slow to begin and rough to hear, but definite nonetheless.

Some cats are like that, just as some people are. There may be no word of encouragement or even warmth for a long while. Then a gift is set beside one’s chair, the action itself done without a word. That’s Neville’s way. There is nothing wrong with it, or with him. He may be quite different with another human. But a reminder that you care for him will result in a reminder that he cares for you. It may be rarely given; it may be of short duration, but, like the gift presented without a word, it is real.

That is Neville’s way.



  1. Nev is such an interesting guy. I’m glad you’re able to gradually get closer to him.

  2. Cats, like people, have their own personalities and no two are the same. That's what makes cats so unique and interesting.

  3. He loves you. I think he should stay.

  4. Like people, cats are different in how demonstrative they are and Neville is no different. He shows his affection in his own way and time. I agree with Poppy Q.

  5. You've summed up the relationship
    between you and Neville..therefore,
    there is 'NO' way you could part with
    him, let's be honest would upset
    him..and you of course! :(
    He is settled in his ways, taken time l
    know but settled now! For him to go to
    another 'strange' home could be devastating
    for him..AND..besides, l've taken to the
    little fella..Bless him..!x
    He is home..where he belongs..! :o).

  6. I think Neville should be (will be?) a permanent resident as well. He's come a long way in your home, with your care, and seems to be happy in his cat way. ❤️

  7. It must be a wonderful feeling who's few times but you're able to hold Neville on your lap. Enjoy those purrs . Precious is pretty much the same way, loving but from a distance. Neville certainly looks comfortable lying on the couch.

  8. Neville knows you love him. That is your greatest gift to him, to my thinking. That he has shown you he loves you as well is another priceless gift. We all of us earn this love by giving it to our small family members; as do they.

  9. We're really glad that you and Neville get to enjoy time together!

  10. Nevsky, what a handsome mancat you are!

  11. neville

    I have never, NEVER, been a lap cat or a cuddler and like you, am a cat's cat; and my day is on my terms. we are all glad you enjoyed some lap time with dad, and we hope you give him a chance again; maybe one of these days I will allow a lap, a photo taken and more than 7 swipes at my brushing ~~~~~~ hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥♥

    1. Dai$y, the jet awaits...bring your credit card and largest purse. You need some diversion.

  12. I hope he becomes a foster fail. :)

  13. I agree with previous posters, Neville definitely has his very own sweet personality. AND I think he should just stay with you.

    Saku was like that for much of his life, and only after Sami passed away has he become the lap cat. I suspect he never felt he could jump up as she commandeered my lap most of the time.

  14. When you have a cat who shows their affection in such a manner is it not all the sweeter as you know he responds so entirely on his own behalf and of his own mind.