Friday, April 26, 2013

Once Again, the First Sign of Spring

The first true sign of spring in my household isn’t rain or flowers or the trees growing buds. It’s this: the door being open to the screen and the cat-tree pulled in front of it, so that the beasts can enjoy the scents of the season.

Things are not as idyllic as they seem here, I must admit. Josie doesn’t like being ‘cornered’ at the top by the others. She doesn’t care for other cats in proximity, though she and Tungsten are sniffing noses more than ever before. Tucker is usually nervous in conditions such as you see here and often wants to leap away. But for now, at this time, all was tranquil and the cats all watching and smelling the great outdoors.

Soon the windows will be open all the time, and the screens on. Cats will be perched more or less permanently where they can be as close to nature (or what passes as nature in an urban environment) as they can. It makes me glad to see them enjoying their surroundings, and a little sad, too. Behind a screen, in a gilded cage of sorts, is as near as they get to the larger world. But they are safe, and in their minds, they can roam the wilderness, stalking the birds they see on the lawns, mighty hunters before whom all other animals tremble.

Such are the daydreams that come with the first sign of spring.

1 comment:

  1. The most I do is drag a chair to the front door, when they aren't out back.

    If they've been indoors all their lives (and I can't recall), and have an enriching environment, I would hope they'd be content.

    We do the best we can, and certainly letting our pets roam isn't a good option.

    Window "whiffies" are much appreciated, I'm sure. :-)