Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Just a brief article this time to publish how Tungsten is doing in her fight against hyperthyroidism. Her appetite is much closer to what it was a year or two ago, before her condition took hold. She is eating well, but not a great deal and, though I want her to eat more, it is in fact now almost back to normal for her, and is a good sign, really. She looks forward to her soft meals, and eats kibble, so she is not off her food. This is a good sign, too.

The best sign that she is holding her condition’s effects at bay is her weight. She is slowly re-gaining her lost tonnage and the food she eats is doing her tiny body good. She was set on the scales a week ago and she tipped them at just over three kilograms. That’s more than a pound packed on since her most alarming weight of 2.53 kilograms, and just half a pound less than what she was when all this trouble started to take its toll on her.

I don’t know if she will ever re-gain her full weight; she is, after all, older now and may not incline to that as she ages, but on the other hand, another half pound is certainly not unrealistic, and I would love to see her that heavy. She needs all the weight she can get. But for now, I am pleased that she has passed the three kilogram mark.

And one other survivor. My ancient micro-wave oven, which I thought had been knocked out by the recent hail- and rainstorm, was not killed. Rather, the socket into which it was plugged was done in, along with another socket. I’ve not heard of such a thing happening; I checked the breakers and everything seems in order. I don’t know if individual sockets can be rendered useless without the breakers indicating it. However, for the moment, a long extension cord will bring the old appliance back into use. That oven will outlive me, I expect.


  1. We're glad to read that Tungsten is doing so well and hope she does gain that extra half pound. She could have some of our padding!

    We're impressed your microwave survived after all! They don't make them like that anymore, apparently. LOL.

  2. Aw, we're so glad Tungsten is eating better and gained weight! Those are good signs! We hope she continues to gain and feel better!
    We had plugs that didn't work but the breaker wasn't tripped. Darn thing nearly caught fire! It was poorly installed by the person who remodeled the house before we got it.

  3. Yeah for Tungsten - and the microwave :)

  4. Great news about Tungsten, I hope she continues to make gains against her condition (and in her weight).

    Good news on the microwave too...just how old is it? I think the first one I bought (for $350) looked similar to that and it was back in the mid 80's! Hopefully it keeps cooking (pun intended) for awhile yet because I bet moving it would be a chore.

  5. So glad Tungsten is doing better. My Avalon suffered from hyperthyroidism as well, but kept losing weight despite his treatment. Be sure to check his heart and kidneys regularly as they are more vulnerable now. The fact that she's gaining weight is indeed a VERY good sign.

  6. Good news with Tungsten! Glad to hear she is doing better. I hope your electrical sockets can now be healed.

  7. That is such good news about Tungsten.
    One of our Angels, Inky, was a very lean cat his whole life. He ate sparingly and really liked a nice drink of cool water. He stayed with Dad for 22 years and showed me the ropes when I came. In fact I take a bit after him and am not a huge eater like some of my brofurs are.
    Slim is in.