Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Lying Dog

Renn is an entertaining fellow even when he is still. How he sits and lies is different than my other cats, and he doesn’t much care about how he’s perceived. The two photos immediately below show him rather intense in his observations. I’ve mentioned before that he enjoys watching things. He studies animals, objects, people, learning how they move and act. This requires concentration.

But much of my big boy’s time is spent in relaxation. The top of the tallest cat-tree is a favourite resort of his. There, he can flop himself down regardless of opinion.

This does not mean that he doesn’t act similarly where he may be seen. Renn is a contortionist of sorts and, though I find it hard to credit that these postures are comfortable, indeed, not painful, he nonetheless appears to find them most enjoyable.

I’ve published pictures of Renn and Tungsten lying together in the armchair. The first two are typical of their positions. The last one is when my big boy’s contortionist tendencies get the better of him. Tungsten looks to be discomfited but still indulgent of her friend’s habits.

The drawer in the micro-wave oven stand has always exercised a mild fascination for the cats. It is a junk drawer, and, between the times at which I clear it out, the beasts like to dig for treasure in its collections. Periodically, they will lie down in it. Renn is the first to sleep in it. He may seem rather too large for its confines, but I learned long ago that cats like a constricting space. Why, I don’t know.

We find our pets an endless source of amusement. They are always providing us with entertainment and fun, and, sharing my house with roommates such as Renn, it’s little wonder that I don’t need television.


  1. awwww - yep, it is amazing the positions they CHOOSE to sleep in (and the drawer is super cute)

  2. Lovely photos. Renn sleeps with such wild abandon.

  3. Great photos! Renn could be his very own circus act.

  4. Our Rumpy Bump has those wiggly worm sleeping positions too!
    I go for the drawers! Dad leaves one open and ZOOM I am in there!

  5. Renn is a fascinating creature, to be sure..being comfortable no matter where or with whom..:)

    Wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind words when we lost Tom. It's been slow going as we make our rounds to the friends who thought of us, what with Mom Julie being emotional and all, but here we are..

    Enjoy a good weekend, friends and yes, I'd rather watch a cat than TV anyday!

    Mom Julie, Tinker, Angel Tom and Anastasia

  6. Looks alot like our house somedays. Me and Phinny live in Edmonton, Canada and just dropped by to say hello.

  7. I think i love your sleeping quarters... The drawer.

  8. We know it has been some time but we did want to tell you how very much we appreciate all the kinds words of compassion you left us for over the loss of our dearly beloved Abby. We are humbled by all the support and love we received and there is no way we can tell you how much it meant to us.

    Angel Abby & Family

  9. I like the way Renn just sprawls out when relaxing. Great observations and photo gallery!

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some informative posts and stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.

    Debby in Arizona