Thursday, August 29, 2013


Cammie is now free during each day, even workdays when I am not at home. She can roam the house, causing anxiety to Tucker just by walking by him and occasionally chasing Bear-Bear. The other night, she trapped him in the space under the stairs where the litter-boxes are, and wouldn’t let him out.

But during the night, she is still locked in the back parlour. That will change in a few weeks. I am having the basement re-floored. The carpet, which is less a comfortable covering for concrete than a monument to cats’ intestinal weakness, will be replaced with a type of linoleum. That will occur, I hope, in the middle of September. I figure that several alterations may as well happen at once, so until then, Cammie will stay in the back parlour at night. She doesn’t seem to mind that too much as long as she can have the freedom of the house during the day.

It means her litter-box stays in the parlour, too. I will make the gradual change of moving that downstairs after the new flooring comes. There’s no point in getting her used to going downstairs to relieve herself, only to disrupt it for a few days.

But this means that a litter-box remains conveniently placed for lazy cats who could go downstairs but don’t want to trouble themselves. They don’t always use it, but when they do, Cammie is quite annoyed. She is getting used to it. But she still dislikes such presumption, and in this photograph, she is letting my Chubs know it.


  1. Cammie certainly has her fair share of cattitude, we think. :-)

    Our human cracked up at this:

    "The carpet, which is less a comfortable covering for concrete than a monument to cats’ intestinal weakness...."

    Alas, all too true in our house, as the bedrooms still have ratty old wall to wall carpet down, and we do have area rugs in other rooms. :-D

    Good luck with the renos!

  2. ah yes - the look of death. :) Our foster Licorice has a similar set up - free during the day but her own space at night and she is seriously unhappy when "her" space is invaded...

  3. Your carpet comment applies here too, especially in the back room of the basement. They seem to leave the plush carpet alone but the indoor/outdoor carpet is a magnet!

    Cammie is funny...she doesn't realize she is the intruder.

    Have fun with the renovations!

  4. She is so pretty but very much a Siamese princess.

  5. We have the box rotation too but ours are so big we can hop out either door.
    Dad really made them well