Friday, August 16, 2013

The BB

Enough of Cammie, what about Bear-Bear? I’m sure everyone is asking. Well, maybe not. But it’s time to catch up with the BB, regardless.

My male guest-cat is doing well. He had been picking on Tucker for some time, as the two vied for the penultimate position in the hierarchy, neither wanting to settle for last place. The roly poly one, after all, had been fourth out of four for some time, and didn’t like the idea of some newcomer stepping on his head as he ascended the totem pole.

Bear-Bear would provoke Tucker, following him menacingly but rarely doing enough to cause a fight. If any of you have ever driven a long distance with two children in the back of a car on a hot summer day - or been one of two children in the back of a car on a hot summer day - you will recognize the general situation. Tucker had started to hide from Bear-Bear, and took to lying at the top of the tallest cat-tree to avoid being ambushed.

Then, I noticed that for about a week, Tucker had not been acting that way. He would lie on the floor, in a normal way, while the BB passed by him. He clearly didn’t like the new boy, but neither was he hiding, nor was he scurrying away. Bear-Bear, for his part, was not bothering the roly poly in the same manner. Now, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t strife in the land. Yesterday, I came home and found that Tucker’s nose had been scratched. Then, I observed that Bear-Bear’s had been gouged. Clearly, differences remain. But these don’t bother me. The odd row will occur, claws will come out and perhaps even blood will be drawn. Last night, however, hours after their skirmish, neither cat seemed overly aware of the other’s presence.

As for the other matters, though Cammie likes to snarl at the boys, the BB is gaining ground. He likes to sleep on the bed with me at night, and has moved from being enthused over Almo chicken drumstick flavour to Fancy Feast ‘chunky’ chicken. He is eating well.

He remains a little sad, it seems. It may just be his expression. He needs a full-time person of his own, and until he finds one, this foster-cat will stay somewhat wistful, I think. But despite his age (a mere ten years, though many people think that is old) and a rather rough appearance, I have hopes that this very friendly, very people-oriented cat will find his permanent home.


  1. He is a handsome boy. No, 10 is not old but by that age they need to know where they belong and that there will always be a soft spot to call their own. I wish him all the luck in the world to find that forever, loving home. Sending hugs, Deb

  2. I hope Bear-Bear finds a forever home. He sounds like such a nice boy, I'm sure he'll make someone very happy.

  3. We posted you on Twitter along with Cammie Bear Bear Good luck to both of you wonderfur kitties

    1. Thanks, Timmy. Every time someone hears about the foster-cats available, their permanent homes draw nearer.

  4. Bear Bear is a beautiful cat. 10 is definitely not old.I sure hope his forever home comes quickly, he deserves his own person. Thank you so much for all the lovely kind comments you've left for us over Abby. I cannot begin to thank you for the compassion you've shown to us.

  5. Bear-Bear is a good looking boy, with lots of years yet in him. We hope he finds himself a furrrever home sometime soon.

    Hang in there, kittie.

  6. Ten is not old at all. Ten seems quite young now that My Jessie is Fifteen. A human out there will so fortunate in having Bear Bear in their life.
    Eileen and Jessica

  7. Handsome BB, we're purring that a forever family discovers you soon and showers you with love and treats! Purrs....

  8. Such a handsome cat. We hope he finds a happy home of his own.

  9. Awww... ten years isn't old. I'M TEN YEARS OLD! I'm ten years old but still a kitten at heart.


  10. BB you are a handsome devil!!!