Friday, December 13, 2013

An Award!

This week my blog was given the ‘Friends and Followers’ award by Tim, over at Tomcat Commentary. I’ve recently added his blog to my list of those which I regularly visit, and have found it most entertaining. His gift of the award to I Have Three Cats is typical of the Cat Blogosphere; though most of us will never meet, we feel that we come to know the different cats and people in the Blogosphere, just a little. Thanks again, Tim; I hope you and yours are enjoying the approach to Christmas, and have all your preparations for the big day set. And no, mine aren’t even close to completion...


  1. Concats on the award!

    As for holiday preparations...11 days of shopping (or whatever) go go. LOL.

  2. Hope u don't mind a couple of Beaglez stoppin'by. We did want tue thank-u fer stoppin'by our blog an'leavin'werdz of encouragement fer our mom. Yes, she IS doin'furry much better an'even tho we wish she cood stay home with us - we r still happee fer her that she is bak at werk cuz that meanz she is feelin'better. Also, CONGRACHULASHUNZ on your award - that is furry much nice thing tue git. Oh, an'az fer the preparashunz - NATA - NO WAY. Our mom ain't even dun decoratin'the tree.
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta