Monday, December 9, 2013

Renn Views the Storm

A week ago, we had a blizzard here in southern Alberta. About a foot of snow fell, and it was accompanied by high winds and low temperatures. The following days have been very cold, the thermometer falling to -40° some times. For those of you reading this in other countries, I should write that though Canada has a reputation of being a chilly land, it’s rare to plumb these depths of frigidity. Even -20° (Celsius) is not all that common during winter. I thought of all the people, cats and dogs who don’t have warm shelters at this time of year, and was grateful that mine do.

Renn, like all his feline brethren, doesn’t concern himself with possibilities, such as not having a comfortable home. Instead, he restricts himself to facts, and when it snows, my furry scientist begins his studies. There was no snow on the ground when the storm began, but plenty of leaves covered the dull brown grass. These were whipped about by the gale and, with twigs, plastic bags and other debris, created no end of interest for my big boy.

The other cats watched the blizzard progress but without the intensity that a scholar such as Renn brings to an observation. From his perch on the taller of the sitting room cat-trees and, later, at the bedroom window, his attention was riveted by events outside. It was only with the fall of darkness that he relaxed and set aside his studies.

Such weather we have not suffered for years here and, though there were undoubtedly many accidents due to the conditions, I did not hear of any fatalities or even severe injuries, thank goodness. Indubitably, meteorologists and other scientists were keenly taking note of all that happened throughout the day, so as to render such storms less hazardous in the future, but few could have been studying the blizzard with the seriousness of my big boy, Renn.


  1. Good job Renn, studying all that snow falling out of the sky. Be sure to tell us what the results of your study are. We appreciate you studying it so hard. Hope it gets a little warmer for all of you. Take care.

  2. Love the picture of Renn - he certainly seems to be taking his studies seriously :)

  3. Please don't send those temps our way. The latter part of November was cold enough, around -17C or so. We had a couple of cms of the white stuff today, but the grass was mostly green again on the way home. I'm done with winter already and we've not reached the Solstice.

    Renn can study it, my boys appear to want to sleep through it, and I'd like to hibernate through it. :-)

  4. Oh my, all I can say is Burrrrrrrrr Humbug!

  5. Oh, we won't complain about our couple inches then! Thanks for so much for your support and good wishes for Lilly. She has her $600! If she didn't have it soon, I was going to take your advice and contact the CB. Thank you!

  6. That is so neat how he watches the weather so closely. You'd think he'd get all begins to look the same once there are couple of inches on the ground.

    We have less snow, probably less than 6 inches so far in Regina, but darn it's been cold. I keep for the cold snap to snap and give us a break for a bit. It doesn't look there is any relief for a few days though if you are getting nicer weather in Alberta it should arrive here eventually!

    Have a great week!

  7. Please come by for your awardie on Friday

  8. Holy cat, I thought it was cold here for the last week but your weather definitely trumps ours!! It's a veritable heat wave now at 20 degrees. MOL. And not too much snow, thank heavens. I feel so bad for all the kitties and doggies stuck outside in the cold, and just wish they could all have warm, cozy homes.

  9. We also paid deep attention to the falling flakes
    There may have been some critter drove out!
    Timmy and furs