Monday, December 16, 2013

Does This Look Like the Face of a Bully?

Really, does this look like a bully’s face?

Josie has never been afraid of Cammie, and lately has been playing with her. Well, Josie thinks it’s a fun game. The guest-girl has other notions about it. My Chubs will wait in the nylon tunnel for Cammie to pass by, and then pop out at her, not trying to bite or even touch her, just to startle her. It always works. Josie will hide around a corner and surprise the Siamese girl, or trot right up to her, not running, but veering away at the last minute, amid Cammie’s hisses and screeches.

This activity has progressed to Josie actually chasing Cammie. One Saturday morning, about five, I was woken by horrible yowlings from downstairs. I found Cammie under a chair in the library’s lobby, and Josie nonchalantly squatting near by. The Great White rarely exerts herself, but I’ve seen her leap over the nylon tunnel to make Cammie run. I have even intercepted Josie before she’s launched herself in pursuit.

To be honest, Josie is not trying to bully my foster-cat. She is having a little fun at her expense, like a child who has discovered that the annoying new kid is easily startled, and so keeps jumping from behind corners and shouting, ‘Boo!’ This fact doesn’t make it more enjoyable for Cammie.

I can’t feel too bad about Cammie’s part in this little comedy. After all, she has chased Renn and Tucker and Bear-Bear, and has stalked Tungsten. All of those activities have faded; perhaps they taste too much now of her own medicine. But Josie’s mild intimidation of Cammie is a phase, I believe. As Cammie makes progress and hisses and pouts less because the other cats exist, Josie will bother her less. It’s always more fun to irritate someone who is easily irritated. Once Cammie adapts, Josie will relax her pressure. And then probably ask me if we’ll be getting another foster-cat...


  1. Paws crossed it's just a phase, as you put it. All of us in our house remember only too well the dynamic between Nicki and angel Annie and don't care to repeat it, or anything remotely similar, thank you very much.

    And ask our human if she'll ever have cats again. :-P

  2. it is all fun and games (until someone has to get up at 5am to check things out). I used to worry about the fosters annoying Ivy but then realized that she seems to enjoy the chase, knows how to escape when she doesn't want to be involved, and honestly could stand the exercise. :)

  3. I hope it's just a phase too. Around here it is Saku pestering the other two, but occasionally Sasha will turn the tables which is funny to watch!

    By why is it the chase needs to happen in the middle of the night? I guess it could be worse...yowling would do me in, I"m sure.