Wednesday, February 12, 2014

And In Other News...

While Bear-Bear is struggling with his problems, aided by some caring humans - though their actions may be regarded by the BB as quite the opposite - Tucker appears to have recovered from his severe constipation.

I write ‘appears’ because it’s not certain, in my mind. I want direct evidence of his improvement. While he was on Cisapride, I would scoop the litter-boxes every time I found that someone had used them. That way, when I saw Tucker go downstairs too relieve himself, I would descend after he had come back up, and look at what he had deposited. I was able to determine that he was leaving poop. But now that he is off the pills, he seems to be pooping during the night or when I am at work. I think I have discovered his results but cannot be sure.

Certainly his behaviour is that representative of full recovery. He is cheerful, playful, responsive and following his old habits. I am cautious. I believe this may be because he will suffer constipation again, and has yet to reach capacity, as it were. So I will continue to watch his behaviour and, just as importantly, try to observe what he leaves in the litter-boxes. Only when I see that he is pooping, will I rest easy. And even then, as cat-owners whose pets have health conditions or something chronic know, one can never let down one’s guard. As the mum of the late and sorely missed Eric wrote in reference to an earlier article of mine, even then, “I used to watch him like a hawk every time he went to poop.”


  1. Yeah, I watch Derry's pee output, every day. Of course, I actually keep track in a notebook, and have done for almost 2 years, so am really over-the-top obsessive-compulsive about it. Here's hoping Tucker is just fine now, and continues to stay that way!

  2. I have occasionally had to watch for 'deposits' and every time I do my cat tends to get paranoid and wonders why I'm so darn interested..

  3. Someone who does not have pets would not understand our poop obsession, but of course it is perfectly normal for us kitty parents.

  4. I agree with Flynn, watching the input and output of our cats is a daily activity. In my case it's ensuring Sasha eats his share. So far the other end doesn't seem to be a problem.

    I hope Tucker's increased activity is evidence he is doing well!

  5. Rumpy has a messy loose problem while I worry about Buddy getting constipated. A little milk treat gets Buddy going in a day or so but then he Middens out of the box. I think it may be that it comes on fast and the old fellow cannot get in quick enough. Rumpy seems to have outgrown his messy bottoms. Or he had for some time. Now he is having a bit of problem again.
    Goodness it is a difficult thing to worry about our furs
    Dad Pete

  6. ^..^ x5 YUP!! dere iz a lot ov box watchin her too! Who'z runny...., Who'z constipated, Who'z peein too much, who'z goin in & NOT peein .......^..^
    last week Gabriel had to go to de V E T on accounta he had a bladder infecshun! den he got loose cauza de Clavamox! Geesh! ^..^

    Well good luckz wif de box watchin! ^.,^ x5 ♥ xo ♥