Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The New Hammock

Before Tucker’s recent sojourn into unwellness - he is doing much better now, by the way - which cost me an arm and a leg - the roly poly one himself contributed nothing to covering the cost, it will be noted - I was able to bid on a cat-hammock in an on-line auction to assist a little dog named Tweedles. (From his blog, it looks like he is doing as well as Tucker, which is good news.) Last week, the hammock arrived through the post and this weekend, I put it together.

The hammock is actually a Ham-mick, created and donated to the auction by Forty Paws, and I am very pleased with it. It was easily assembled; though it came without instructions, there was nothing to figuring out how to put it together. It was probably the most successful mechanical job I’ve ever accomplished. It may, in fact, be the only one I’ve accomplished. Anyway…

Tungsten was the first to brave the new furniture. In the photograph above, you can see two of the boys contemplating it while the tiny terror staked her initial claim. And below, Cammie also investigated. The picture may look confrontational, but there was just some sniffing going on. Cammie isn’t one for cat-beds of any kind, though that may change, as I saw her exploring one on sunny Sunday morning.

Then, Josie had to see if it fit her, or vice versa. As you may observe, she fills up the hammock pretty well. She is, in some ways, like gas, as described in high school chemistry classes: she expands to fill the available space.

At last it was the turn of the boys. Renn rolled about, taking in the smells that came with the new item, and leaving his own. He often likes to give a good roll to wherever he plants his big frame.

Tucker enjoyed the hammock even more. From what I’ve observed, he and my Chubs are the ones using it the most. It may be just a coincidence that it finds favour principally with my two fatties. Whatever the reason, I am very pleased with the product, and want to buy another, though that will have to wait until my finances recover from recent feline expenditures. Maybe next year…

A word about Bear-Bear… You can see him in a couple of pictures. He goes for another blood test this very day, but over the weekend, he stayed in his heated cat-bed. He doesn’t go anywhere else except on to my lap, for which I am grateful, and down to the litter-boxes, for which I am equally grateful. He is currently being syringe-fed, since his nose is so clogged from his previous respiratory infection (I believe it is gone now) that he cannot smell anything, and thus will not eat anything. We may see about dealing with that when he goes for his test. Until then, the BB is resting comfortably. Just not in a hammock.


  1. The new hammick is a definite success! Congrats on winning it in the auction!

    Poor Bear-Bear...Nicki sends his sympathies, though he, at least, is eating at the moment. (He has a 2:30PM appt today, probably needs something to un-stuff him too, based on all his sneezing and sniffling.)

    As for finances...don't even get me started. Mine won't recover until I can remortgage in three years, sadly.

  2. purrs to Bear-Bear....

    we don't have a ham-mick but we keep seeing them around and maybe someday. as for vet bills, mom keeps saying one of these days one of us is gonna have to get a job (don't see that happening though) :)

  3. We are so glad that your kitties luf their Ham-Mick! And when it gets a little dirty, you can wash it and dry it and then the kitties will luf it again, because it will be fresh and clean and they can leave their fur on it all over again!

    Luf, Dorfie and Maw

  4. I've seen the ham micks and thought at least one or two of mine would enjoy them. Funny that the two larger enjoy it the most. Poor Josie...expands to fill the available space...I know how that feels!

    Poor Bear-bear, I hope he continues to have some good days with your care.

  5. Love the photo of Josie in the ham-mock. Thinking of Bear Bear and Tucker. Meow from Jessica the cat

  6. So glad that the hammick is such a big hit. That is terrific and all of you look good in it. All the kitties here love their hammicks.
    Sending purrs to Bear-bear. Hope he gets to eating soon.Take care.

  7. Meow that is one snazzy Ham-Mick!
    We love ours too

  8. Wow! de ham ickz sure look furry comfurtable! ^.,^
    we dun't have any! but maybe de mom will see dis and think we needz them too! ^.,^ x5

    ♥Have fun in your ham ick guyz! ♥

    Get Well purrz fur Bear bear ^.,^ ♥♥♥♥♥ xo