Monday, June 2, 2014


I am officially on holiday. The next three weeks away from my job will make the other forty-nine bearable – just. I don’t have the resources to go anywhere and, if I did, would I leave the cats? Who would look after them? And so I remain. But this will mean sleeping in (if Tungsten doesn’t keep waking me extra early), staying up late (if I’m not too tired) and doing what I want to do (in between catering to the beasts). That doesn’t sound too bad, after all, does it?


  1. Have a *wonderful* staycation. Doesn't matter what you do, you're not at your workplace. :-)

    You could always visit a museum or do something you've not done before, in your own city or town. We get so caught up in our routines that we seldom take advantage of all that our own region has to offer.

  2. Ah. That sounds just like Mommy. All her vacations are staycations because she can't bear to leave us. Heh. :)

    We would like to thank you for stopping by our blog to offer your kind and comforting words when we lost our Whisky and Pok in early May. It meant a lot to us.

  3. A staycation is relaxing because you don't have the hassle of getting ready to go someplace and make all kinds of arrangements. YOU stay right at home and enjoy your own surroundings. I think that is one great way to vacation!

  4. It sounds wonderful to me! I haven't done a staycation for far too long. Enjoy your time away from work (I'm sure that isn't difficult) and have fun with the cats. They will be upset when you have to return to work!

  5. That sounds like bliss!! My human does that all the time now as she's older than dirt and doesn't go out to work anymore :)

  6. Enjoy your holiday, I am sure the cats will.

  7. It sounds like a wonderful vacation! The kitties will also enjoy having you around more. Enjoy! Meow, Jessica and Eileen

  8. That sounds purrfect
    Dad takes long weekends as his handicap has put a crimp on going on holiday. He could but finds the work it takes removes the enjoyment. He is on a 9 hour day with a day off every other week schedule that makes his work bearable, just.

  9. That is my idea of a vacation anyways. It is so expensive to travel anymore I feel like I am wasting my money and I hate being away from everyone. Silly I know, but that is how It seems.
    Marty's Mom

    1. Thanks for your comments. As usual, I cannot respond to any blog using Wordpress. I keep getting 'security problems'. But I hope that the flooding was not severe in your basement - and it is very expensive to travel these days...