Friday, August 8, 2014

Once in a While

Once in a while, Tucker will take after Kola. There is a mad scramble as my newest foster-cat bolts for some sort of refuge, a hiding spot or a location out of the roly poly’s reach. Then I have to chastise Tucker; not that he listens to me.

Once in a while, Tungsten will hiss and growl and yowl at Cammie, who is looking at her, or crouching too close. Cammie will add to the din by complaining that she’s not doing anything wrong. She’s just looking… I have to separate them.

Once in a while, Kola will wander about the house talking…and talking and talking and talking and talking. I have to converse with him.

Once in a while, Josie will exchange blows with Renn, who had slipped into the nylon tunnel, which my Chubs, for some reason known only to her feline mind, hates for him to do. I have to tell them to knock it off.

Once in a while, the cats will get into a loud disagreement over who should be looking out the window from a cat-tree, or who should have possession of a cat-tree’s top platform for the evening. I have to explain that there are plenty of other places to snooze.

But once in a while, once in a while, the beasts are like this. All is quiet, all is peaceful. They are friends - or at least not enemies - and we relax and listen to music or read or write. I have to enjoy it - because it won’t last long...


  1. Same here since the 'free-loaders' arrived. (my daughter's 2)

  2. Oy! Kitty dynamics. Family dynamics. Fun, fun, fun. ;-)

    Right now I'm very glad I have only two who get along well, save with the occasional tussle that gets a bit too serious, or the occasional redirected aggression on Nicki's part. I don't have the patience and tolerance for more than that!

    Here's to a peaceful weekend at your house, and mine too!

  3. It amazes me when all four of my cats congregate in close proximity to one another and peace and quiet happens.

  4. Enjoy the peace while you've got it. ;)

  5. It's like that here with only the three. Usually they get along (or at least ignore on another) but there are times when the hissy fits, and smacky paws start up. The boys, Sasha and Saku particularly like to chase one another up and down the stairs to the basement. Poor Sami tries to see what's going on and ends up getting the worst of it.

    Enjoy the peace!

  6. The boys cause enough chaos here with how they pick on each other and the dogs, I couldn't imagine having to referee any more of them!

  7. At least I'm not alone in acting as a referee of feline family brawls! My mini Persian Mindy loathes the two big toms. Fortunately, they find her remarks amusing and snicker when she swats at them. When they rough-house, they knock over chairs and lamps. I come home to a foyer rug, rolled up like a taco, with a long gray tail and a fluffy white tail poking out, side by side.

    The ancient tuxedo cat, Mephi, dwells in the master suite. The boys are allowed to visit so that she may wash their faces as she did when they were tiny tykes, newly rescued. Mindy is excluded because she wants to kill her, too.

    Yes, I did consult the vet about the feuding. She launched into stories of her mother's 12 cats and their tribal wars...

    1. I haven't found a way to comment on Google+, so I'll just respond that I suppose feuding and fighting will always be a part of some cat dynamics. The violence Tucker inflicts on Kola is intolerable, of course, but other spats are just that. I'm actually quite lucky, considering some of the tales I've heard...

  8. Oh I so know what you are talking about. There is always someone who is not happy about something. But they all do settle down after a while and then someone comes in from outside and it all starts over. In general all these get along. So we understand. Have a great day and a good week too.

  9. Sounds like many a human family.

  10. They sound like they really love each other!!!