Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Renn's Way

Renn is a big, strong, handsome mancat. He is admired by all who see him for his fine form, full fur and majestic whiskers. He is, however, a modest fellow, shy and diffident, the proverbial gentle giant. That is Renn’s way.

There is, in the way he walks and sits, an inherent dignity. Not for him the swaggering manner of many cats, or the indifference to humans practised by some of his feline brethren. To be quiet and stately, to reflect well upon his species and his home. That is Renn’s way.

One may see the nobility of this creature in his profile, a striking image that reminds one of lions in coats-of-arms, or the magnificent statues that guard a king’s palace. Nonetheless, he is rarely one to initiate conflict, preferring conciliation and friendship. That is Renn’s way.

And then there’s this.

And this.

This is Renn’s way, too. The silly animal.


  1. Renn is irresistible. He reminds me a lot of angel Chumely, though of course he's not the same colouring. He's just a big teddy bear of a cat, as was Chum. Love, love, love those chair photos! :-)

  2. so comfy...... in some ways he reminds us of Maestro - stately, unruffled and adorable

  3. A Man-Cat of many moods most assuredly!

  4. renn...dood !!!

    we....loved....this....post !!!!

    inn deed...frum state lee....two....makin a state mint !!! ♥

  5. Magnificent! The words suits him perfectly. Positively regal in profile. Captivating in his lighter moods. What a wonderful boy. He looks like my old fellow William except Renn has more hair. There is something about a tuxedo kitty that never fails to delight.

  6. He is a handsome fellow with an adorable soft side. I love those big proud, but softies. Eric was one too.