Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Evening Glow

A few weeks ago, I published a picture of the sunrise. The Trout Towne Tabbies suggested I take a picture of the sunset from the same location. It took me a while before I found myself there at the appropriate time, but here it is.

It’s a much more subdued sky this time, fitting for the end of a day. The sun is tired; he did a lot of burning during the previous twelve hours or so, and he’s ready for bed. The scene is less enthusiastic and more restful, weary.

The sun has had a tough time shining through the smoke from forest fires drifting from the west. Its light is more lurid; a deeper yellow during the day and orange or red in the mornings and evenings. I find it attractive, to be honest, but could do without it, considering its cause.

And now, after this solar interlude, we take you back to our regularly scheduled cats…


  1. It's lovely to capture both! I sometimes will snap sunrise pics as I'm headed to the bus stop, though that's only at the right times of the year, of course. I really can't see the sunrise or sunset from my house--sometimes part of the sunset from an upstairs window, but again, the time of year has to be right. When I was growing up, our house had views to the east and the west (all four directions, actually), so I would watch both, even from indoors or outdoors. I do miss that.

    Anyway. Regarding the fires: My dad writes of the smoke almost every day. I wish I could send BC some of the rain we've had lately, it would help.

  2. Those Trout Talkin' Tabbies certainly get around, don't they? LOL! I think 'weary' is the purrfect word.
    Now let's see some regularly scheduled cats!

  3. What a calming effect that sunset has! Here in Illinois we've had a few days of hazy skies from the fires out west. It must be so awful for the residents out west. More like a nightmare!

  4. this actually turned out very good; and I DO hope the fires subside...soon.... it'a a terrible situation for everyone, man, nature and beast alike ~~~ ♥

  5. The sun does look ready for bed. I used to fret at first here that I couldn't see the sunset, but now I'm all for starting the day with a bright sun or mystical haze with the sun peaking through. - Julie & Tom Fishworthy x

  6. It looks a very peaceful and relaxing photo.