Thursday, June 6, 2019

She Can See!

Cammie has sight.

Her vision certainly hasn’t returned one hundred per cent; it probably isn’t even fifty per cent. But the princess can see. Whether it is just light and dark, or forms, or more defined images, no one can know. But she can see.

I guessed this might have been the case since I used a laser-pointer to test her vision in  the days following her stroke. She clearly noted the red dot’s movement, at least to some extent. On the other hand, she sometimes bumped into other cats, while deftly avoiding furniture; her feline siblings often change positions, while chairs and bookcases do not. This suggested that she could see, perhaps sharp, bright objects, but was partially blind toward darker, bigger items.

But her doctor, who was the same one who saw her that Sunday morning at four o’clock, thinks Cammie is doing “great” and, in her own words, is “blown away” at how good the princess is looking and sounding.

In many ways, the veterinaries are inexperienced in treating stroke survivors because so many people choose to euthanize their cats after strokes that there is no one to study. I wonder, considering Cammie, how many cats would have recovered, perhaps even wholly, if given the chance. However, seeing your beloved pet suffer from a stroke is a distressing and unnerving experience, and I myself was thinking, immediately after the occurrence, that Cammie might have to be let go.

Will her sight improve? Will it deteriorate? No one can say. But I will keep in contact with Cammie’s doctors over this matter, and monitor the princess’s condition. Even if she were blind, her life could be happy and rewarding. With something to see, it becomes even more so.

And Josie? She came through her dental surgery very well.

She had nine teeth extracted. There was considerable tartar build-up and some gingivitis. It was undoubtedly an ordeal for her, but she emerged from it with high spirits. She was pleased to see me afterward. During the car ride home, I kept looking back to see if she was all right; she was each time watching me.

At home afterward, she purred as she never had before, and kneaded the air as she lie down to receive my pets. Josie has been through surgeries previously, but she has not been so pleased subsequently as this time.

At fifteen years of age, this will probably be her last operation. I very much hope that there will not be a need for any more. To be honest, I don’t think there will be. My instructions to the doctors are always the same for dental procedures: remove any teeth that look even a little troublesome. They are not going to get better and, if left till later, might be in a mouth too old to suffer anaesthetic. My Chubs has only three teeth remaining, and those are unlikely to cause her problems.

I collected Parker’s remains while at the animal hospital, so that he too has come home with me. After a very difficult beginning to the week, it is ending positively. We of the cosy apartment are grateful.



  1. Glad all went well. Josie looks quite content on your bed. So happy to hear Cammie may have some sight.
    Also, I'm glad that Parker is now home. May your cosy apartment continue to be cozy.

  2. What fantastic news about Josie and especially about Cammie. Both of them look so relaxed and happy in the above pictures. May this be the start of a calm and peaceful time at the cozy apartment.

  3. Gosh we are pleased that you have some good news. We are so pleased for your girls both Josie and Cammie.

    I am sure you will sleep better now knowing Parker is back home with you. My family have been asked that when I get cremated the cats ashes will come with me to my spot so we are altogether. I have already brought my burial spot for my ashes next to my parents.

  4. I had just got to your previous post and was going to comment there but decided to check if you had updated first, and what a good update it is. At last some good news for you!
    I am glad Cammie is doing so well and has limited sight. Hopefully with time she may get more. If she doesn't, I am sure she will adapt well to her new circumstances. I am also glad that Josie did well with her dental and anaesthetic.Last but certainly not least, I am glad that Parker is back with you in the home he knew and loved.

  5. Oh! My! Goodness! I seem to be using a lot
    of tissues lately..Always keep a box nearby,
    as l use them, even when the news is good...
    But! Then, as a Sicilian, we are quite emotional,
    in our ways..with me, it's mostly pussy~cats..!

    But, good and happier news all round in this post
    John..I know and understand what your going through,
    been there a few times myself..and, l still remember
    ALL the pussy~cats l've had over the years, over many
    years..Bless them ALL...!

  6. Hooray for Cammie and way to go Josie! I hope you all remain healthy!

  7. Excellent news re: both Cammie and Josie! BTW, I'm "blown away" by Cammie's recovery too. It's amazing how resilient we all can be, if the Fates favour us and we're given the opportunity.

    Hugs re: Parker. I still have Annie's ashes (don't have Chum's), but for me, they bring no comfort and I deliberately avoid thinking about them when I dust the shelf on which her urn and picture are. I have her paw print too, and some fur, but I can't bring myself to look at them either, in spite of the passage of the years. We all are different in how we deal with loss, and it's certainly the case that while memories will fade, the love never will.


    1. I can't look at Admiral's paw print, her furs or her whiskers. It just sinks me far far down in mood and hurts. I can look at her urn and know she is right there.

  8. I felt as I mentioned that Cammie did have some vision. Her jumping onto the bed or cat tree was a sure indicator I felt. I am so deeply grateful that she has improved the way she has! And Josie, what a joy to learn how well you are doing. XXX

    1. Indeed you did think that Cammie could see to an extent. Over the next weeks and months, I will be able to acquire an idea of how much she can see, and what sorts of things she can see.

  9. Parker...when admiral came home again, mom put her urn on the dresser in the bedroom...always present, and always a comfort. Mom talked to her all the way home from the Vet office on her coming home again.

  10. Such wonderful news for Cammie and Josie. I'm glad they're both doing so well.

    Welcome home Parker, you were never meant to leave the cosy apartment.

  11. That's such wonderful news about Josie and Cammie, particularly the latter. From what I've read about cats who have strokes, I thought there was a good chance she'd regain at least a measure of sight, particularly as she recovered so quickly. I'm happy for them both!

    I'm also glad that Parker's earthly form has returned home. He'd certainly want it no other way.

  12. I am so glad to hear the news about Cammie and Josie. I hope they will continue to improve and have no doubt they will. Thankful too that Parker is back home where he belongs as well.

  13. That is such good news that Cammie may have sight. And so true that she will have a good life even if that sight is minimal as cats live by scent and even blind cats do fabulously. Good for Josie too. She will be fine with those few teeth and it sounds like she was overjoyed to come home. Our Miss Fitz just went for her dental last week and was rubbing on everything and running back and forth purring up a storm when she got home. She never did that before so it was interesting reading about Josie. It is hard to bring home the ashes of our dear furs but they are now home where they belong which is some solace