Friday, June 7, 2019

The Long and Weary Week

This week has been an eventful one, to write the least. It started off the worst it could be, but thanks to the good results from the girls’ doctors’ appointments, it is ending better.

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I am the host of a single-cat adoption event - our monthly show-and-tell - featuring Adah (see her in my side-bar) and her foster-sister, Li’l Lady - but aside from that, I will be doing little. A relaxing bath and a movie will make Saturday evening my favourite part of the week, as it always does.

I find that I have more time now that my orange-boy is gone. In the mornings, I can wake fifteen or twenty minutes later, and still not be late for work (barring someone throwing up at the last moment.) I wouldn’t have thought that Parker had taken much extra time, but even his meals were lengthy: he wouldn’t eat large amounts at once, so I would replenish his bowl spoonful by spoonful, until half a tin had disappeared. He was sometimes high-maintenance, but I loved seeing him put away the nutrition. I used to think that every meal meant another day with me.

So I have a few more minutes for each of my days. Less time spent standing about outside, waiting for a cat to finish soaking up sunshine or sniffing the air. Less time spent cleaning up liquid vomit spilled everywhere.

But he was worth every second.


  1. We understand, he sure was worth every precious minute

  2. He was John, most definitely.

    Enjoy your relaxing weekend, it is well deserved!

  3. I know just how you feel. No matter how much time it takes us to care for our animals, they are worth every minute. I wish you a relaxing weekend, and please take some time for yourself. You deserve it.

    1. If I haven't written it before, Roberta, I want to thank you for your kind thoughts and words during the time I've had to say good-bye to Parker. Your support has been most appreciated, and welcomed.

  4. I know just how you feel. There is less you have to do, but this loss of labor leaves a painful gap for a while.

    Have a great weekend, John. You’ve earned it. And Parker, Tungsten, and the Bear will be smiling on you.

  5. Yes, he was worth every second!
    Hope you get to enjoy your weekend.

  6. There must be a Parker sized hole in your home now.

  7. When our Minko went to the RB, suddenly I had almost an extra hour each day, because I didn't have to do all his spoon feedings and medicines 2-3 times a day anymore...but I would have done anything to still have him there with us...sigh...

    Every second is a treasure and very much worth it!

    It is hard, so very hard, and the hole left is like a cave with no end.
    So sorry your dearly beloved Parker had to leave for the RB.
    You will treasure all his precious memories forever.

    We have made you a card/memento, but I do not know how to get it to you. Could you email us then we can send it your way. If not, it will be onour next post, usually on the Sunday Selfies post. Hopefully we won't be too late with that this week...

    ingrid at rickmar dot net
    Remove spaces and change the at&dot to symbols...

  8. Ah! Thinking of you John...
    "Onwards and Upwards"...
    God Bless! 😼 🐾🐾

  9. Yes he was worth every second, and every second with him was precious. When they are ill we spend so much extra time with them and don't realise it until they are gone, but would never ever begrudge it.

  10. Absolutely he was. We hope you're able to take a few deep breaths and relax, at least a bit, this weekend.

  11. Everyone here and me as well, understand that. Undine said it for me...the loss of labor leaves a painful gap for awhile.

  12. I understand, we all do, any of us who have lost a cat that was sick or aged. It's a simple reminder of how much they meant to us, the time we took with them. I am glad you feel better about the week and that things are moving ahead.

  13. I hope the weekend is restful. And I can relate to the extra work being worth it.

  14. Every minute spent is so worth it. We dont really notice how much time is spent until we get it back and then we wish it was still being used on our friend.