Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A Welcome Meal on a Cold Day

I have continued to place food and water for any outsider-cat who happens to come along, even though I haven’t seen one for some time. Finn comes by irregularly, and when I see him at my door, I feed him a good helping of soft-food. He does not visit as often as he used to, and I have observed no other. Sable and Sablette are, alas, just memories.

For a long time, no animal came by Café Cosy. I considered not leaving food out, since it was obvious nothing was being eaten. But I thought of the odd hungry beast who needed food to survive, and how disappointed he would be not to find something at our little diner. So I put food in the bowl and, after a while, when it grew stale, would throw it on the lawn for the magpies and crows, and re-charge the supply.

But this week, I saw proof that someone had visited the cafe. He stopped by the food bowl in its shelter, and helped himself to some nutrition. He even paused to look into the hotel, though he didn’t take advantage of its warmth. I don’t think it was Finn, as he has never cared much for my hard-food, and has always waited for the soft to be served. It was a stranger; perhaps Cecil, whom I saw just once or twice, or a raccoon or skunk, if they are out in cold and snowy weather.

In any case, I am glad I continued to provide some food and water in its heated bowl. Somebody benefitted. So I will leave still more for any starving (or simply peckish) traveller; some water to slake a thirst and, maybe, a warm bed for the night. Perhaps some day, a new friend will stay long enough to introduce himself.


  1. Whoever it is that is coming in for the food, you know they are
    so pleased to find it available. Wildlife has it hard even though
    they are designed for the winter life. If it is cats, they certainly do not deserve the outdoor living. So wonderful of you to feed them all.

  2. Life is hard for the homeless of all species, so it's wonderful that you're still putting food out, for whoever might stop by. You have such a good heart, John. Blessings to you.

  3. With such generosity, no doubt you'll have a regular visitor before too long.

  4. whom ever may be stopping by; guarantee they are grateful and thankful and appreciative ~~~ 984 paws UP as we say here in TT ☺☺♥♥

  5. I'm sure the food and water you put out is greatly appreciated. Perhaps your new visitor will introduce himself in the near future. Meanwhile we look forward to hearing about Cafe Cosy's newest guest. God bless you for all your concern and care.

  6. You sure made someones day and we hope you get to see who it is soon.

  7. I am sure they were grateful for the hospitality, and now they have found Café Cosy will surely return.

  8. That is kind of you to leave food and shelter out.

  9. I am so grateful to you for what you do, Both for the inside family of course but for the travelers outside who are hard pressed to get a break. But not at Cafe Cozy! God bless.

  10. As l'm retired now, l'm home a lot..
    So two of my regular visitors..Fudge
    and Flossie..come by of a morning for
    their milk, and pheasant/rabbit offcuts..
    And..when l sit down for dinner, Fudge
    will always poke his nose in, usually
    takes a bit of meat, does'nt run off
    with it, but sit next to me on the table
    and eat it..he's quite a character...!x

  11. So good of you John. I must admit I haven't thought to feed any stray cats but if I were to see footprints on my deck I'd probably do so. Feeding the birds, the squirrel and the occasional rabbit is the extent of my generosity.