Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Old Tree, New Cat

I put up my Christmas tree. This is a test phase, to see how Neville behaves with it. I don’t know whether I will decorate it, as many of my ornaments are old, delicate, glass items, though some are metal bells. In the past, I have put the bells on lower branches, and the breakable objects higher up. I will see how things progress.

So far Nevsky is leaving the tree alone. He was curious about it, but didn’t spend much time examining it. This will be his first Yuletide in the cosy apartment, and while he is at times energetic and rambunctious, his destructive powers have been very weak, and he usually just throws a mess around the litter-box.

This is Raleigh’s second Christmas with me. He is doing well. His stomatitis seems to be under control, he is eating well, playful and growing in confidence. He hasn’t made friends with Neville, and is no longer trying, but who knows what will happen in the future?

And Cammie came out to smell the tree. I don’t think there can be much to smell on an artificial tree, but she probably remembers what odours there are from when she could see. The memories and images that came to her imagination probably brought her some happiness.

So we prepare for Christmas at the cosy apartment. Every season, it becomes a little more frugal, a little more wistful, but with a little more for which to be thankful. This year, I am thankful the new cat didn’t knock over the Christmas tree…


  1. Yet. You forgot to add "yet." :-)

    I think a tree with lights, even without decorations, still is lovely and cosy and festive. There were years with Chum and Annie that I skipped a tree altogether; those two were naughty in the early years!

    And no matter that Christmas is "frugal," it's the Love and Light that matter, not the possessions we have or the food we might be overindulging in. :-)

  2. Pussy~cats love Christmas trees..
    Many moons ago, when it was just me and
    my daughter, we had three pussy~cats...
    My daughter loved Christmas..Why..?
    Because as the kittens were growing up,
    the tree was always put up in the hall
    way, at the bottom of the stairs..they
    would keep back and watch, when we went
    off to bed..that was it..the noise, baubles,
    bangles and beads..being tossed all over
    the place..The reason my daughter enjoyed it..
    She could redecorate the tree every day..! :o).
    HeHe! It was great fun..and the pussy~cats loved
    it to, even into adulthood..! Bess them!x
    Oh! They loved Christmas..! :).
    πŸŽΆπŸ”” Jingle Bells πŸ””πŸŽΆ Merry Christmas! 🎁 πŸ””πŸŽ„

  3. Neville looks relaxed and uninterested in the tree. As far as knocking it over, hopefully he will stay this way. Cammie is so sweet, maybe she is dreaming of Christmas past. All of your kitties have a great home and that is certainly something you will celebrate this season.

  4. Boy, it looks like Neville has filled out since you last posted photos of him. He and Raleigh both look like they're doing great.

    I've been pretty lucky with cats and Christmas decorations. Ernie likes to sit by the tree and stare at it in a rather ominous way, but he generally keeps his hands--uh, paws--to himself.

    1. Yes, Neville's appetite has been a boon to his health.

  5. Neville looks so different and very handsome from when he first arrived. I have lost count of the times I had to put our tree back up. Eric would try and climb it from the outside and of course it fell over. Flynn knew if he went up the middle it would do no worse than shake a bit.

    1. Those boys of yours...such personalities they had.

  6. With six cats, I've long since given up the idea of having a Christmas tree. I can't even keep figurines on a table without the cats knocking them off! But that's OK. - it's all about the season and the blessings we've received this past year.

  7. Such good kitties- they know Santa is watching :)

  8. The cats are doing well with the tree. I am pleased that they are not too excited by it, long may that last. Like you we have a frugal Christmas home too, no need to spend a lot of money for one day.

  9. I don't have a tree and that makes me feel sad. There is one under the house, but..... it's a lot to keep inquisitive girl out of the new "cat tree".

  10. We tape ours to the table and it seems that there are no takers at being Paul Bunyan anymore. 5 years ago it was all I could do to keep them off the tree and stop knocking it or the decorations over. I worry the fellows are getting older but in reality it is in a different spot in our new place.
    We appreciate the gifts of being together and doing what we can for others more each year. Purrs for the season and health to you all

  11. Saku likes to sleep under the tree but since I've gone to the small version, he's only been up on the table once. However, as a precaution I've purchased unbreakable ornaments over the years...between kids and cats the older ones have been lost or broken.

    Merry Christmas!