Monday, December 9, 2019

What Lies Within

Amid the problems with Tucker’s kidneys and diabetes, and Josie’s deafness, there is plenty for which to be thankful.

Neville is doing well. He is a bit of a tough one to get to know; I don’t think he likes or trusts me. He enjoys being petted and stroked, but doesn’t like it - at the same time. I’m not worried. I think I will win him over in time. Besides, I hope that he will save his devotion for his future permanent people in his future permanent home. But he plays and has found a few spots about the apartment where he likes to laze. He is comfortable enough to stretch out and not worry about me passing by.

What I am pleased about, however, is his physical health, which seems to have improved quite a bit. When he was first rescued, he weighed something akin to 2.9 kilograms (6.4 pounds); when he came to stay with me, he had gained (he was about 4.5 kilograms (10 pounds)) but was still very thin. Feeling his spine was like running one’s hands over the top of a picket fence. His hair was hacked and cut awkwardly, due to mats having been severed.

Now, though I have yet to weigh him, I can tell he has filled out. Nevsky’s backbone feels as it should, and though still a lightweight, his poundage is where it should be on his body. His fur is full and smooth and very soft, the results probably of a primarily wet-food diet.

An interesting feature of his regained hair are these two or three shoots of lighter-coloured hair amid his darker grey. I don’t know if they are the results of his harsh cutting job, or the regrowth of a difference that has always been. His shading is not entirely consistent around the rest of his lithe body.

The variations in a cat’s hair and form are endless. Though the actual patterns appear to be limited (many cats look like many others), there are always small distinctions that help to differentiate each animal. And then there is the personality, that highly idiosyncratic entity with which we must all deal. Its shades too are endless. These shoots of hair, then, are just a clue to what lies within my latest cat.


  1. He looks so good in that third pic, it's a really nice one of him. I'm glad he's doing so well. And whether or not he likes/trusts you at this time, he certainly looks very comfortable!

  2. Ah! Bless! Love reading the good news,
    it's upsetting reading the not so good
    news! :(.

    I'm so pleased to read of Nevilles
    improvement..that's great news, and he's
    looking so good now, that bottom photo
    certainly shows off his lovely coat, looking
    good all round..Bless him..! I think he's

  3. You'll win Nevsky over; I know you will!

  4. He's such a handsome boy John! I hope someone decides to provide him a forever home, he deserves it.

  5. He is so gorgeous (much overused word descriptor but soooo appropriate regarding Neville) that I just can't get over it. And those paws! LOOK at the furs! Boy, if I was there he'd be mine in a flash!

  6. He's such a handsome fella! Even more so, since he's come to the cozy apt! Shows all the good care you gave him not only physically but emotionally. I, too, hope he gets his forever home soon. He deserves it!
    I spy Cammie snoozing away and is that Josie on the kitchen chair?

    1. That's Cammie in the heated bed, all right, but it's Tucker on his favourite chair at the dining table.

  7. I'm so glad Neville is doing good, we all know you'd be the best for him.

  8. Glad to hear Neville is settling down; hopefully, he'll find a permanent home to settle in soon.

  9. He is a handsome boy and looks so much better than when he arrived.

  10. Neville is just beautiful and I'm so glad he's doing well. But I must disagree that he doesn't like or trust you. Look how relaxed and comfortable he seems to be in the above pictures. I don't think he would look that way if he were not at ease in his surroundings.

  11. Neville certainly looks handsome and cuddly. Some day he will make up to you if he is there long enough. Good to hear his fur is grown out and soft and that he is not a starving kitty any longer.

  12. lookin good dood....troo lee....we can see ya gotta bit oh off white, gray, silver....we iz buzzed happee yur doin sew well...heerz ta mor ree portz like thiz ! :) ♥♥