Wednesday, June 24, 2020

No Luck with Ambrose but...

I had no luck with Ambrose last night. I saw him a couple of times, but he surprised me by showing up earlier than he has before. I hadn’t put food in the trap because the day and evening were so warm and sunny, any cat-food left out was swarmed with flies and ants. I was ready to bait the trap when the day had cooled, but Ambrose anticipated me. I will be ready for him earlier this evening.

Ambrose eluded me, but this little one didn’t.

I’ve named her Eos. She won’t be with me for long.  She is going to be spayed today, and then released back to her feral family. She is about four or five months old, not the two or three months I thought. I wish there was a home for her to go to, as I think she could be socialised, but, as most reading this know, there are already far more cats needing homes than there are homes. But at least Eos will be with her siblings again, and won’t make any more homeless kittens.

Now for her brothers and sisters…


  1. Whoop! One down, xxx to go!
    Every journey starts with a single step...or some other such thing...

  2. I wonder why Ambrose's owner hasn't been able to recapture him? I can only assume that when he was outside, something badly scared the poor guy.

    At least Eos will be spared from creating who knows how many other homeless cats. At the vet clinic where I bring ferals to be fixed, they have a rather horrifying chart showing the number of feral cats that can be born from just one female.

  3. Great start! I always wish we could just tell them it will be okay, don't be so frightened, all will be well. ♥

  4. what's that saying about one at a time or starting with one; something along those fishes with the family and ambrose... ☺☺♥♥

  5. Good work on catching one of the kittens. I hope tonight is more successful trapping Ambrose.

  6. Eos looks adorable. I'm so glad you were able to catch her and hopefully her litter mates will be caught and "fixed" soon too. Good luck! I'm sorry Ambrose couldn't be trapped earlier today, but he has visited the Cozy Cafe, so I'm sure it's just a matter of time until he is reunited with his family.

  7. I am glad you got a kitten who can be spayed. I hope Ambrose comes by this evening.

  8. It is sad she can't get a home but at least she won't have to be a mom.

  9. Well done, I hope the next capture is Ambrose, but if not on of Eos' siblings!

  10. Nice to know Eos won't have kittens, since you were able to trap and
    spay her. It is too bad that she will not have the opportunity to
    have a real home, but hopefully life with her feral family will not
    be too difficult. Good luck on Ambrose.

  11. Every time I see our Fanny I think about "if only" but the reality is there will be less kittens in our area. I think she is happy with her new life of ease by coming to eat at the pantry every night and doing her thing during the day. We do our best

    1. Yes, we can only do our best but, sometimes, that is enough for a contented cat. Food, water, a refuge if needed; someone to watch over them.