Friday, June 26, 2020

The Intimidator

With the excitement of Ambrose’s escape and trapping behind us, routine returns to the Cosy Apartment. Sable appeared, as I mentioned, Wednesday night, but neither she nor Jessel showed up last night, when they could have had a relaxed and undistracted meal each. I hope to see them soon, if only to know they are all right.

Before Ambrose, however, I noted that Sable’s reaction to coming for a meal was dependent upon who was watching her. Renn, who is usually - usually - kind and open-pawed with those with whom he lives, can be quite territorial with outsider-cats, even those as obviously harmless as Sable. When Renn is at the screen of the sliding glass door, Sable keeps her distance. I know she understands that the screen is a barrier; she also understands that it is not a strong one, and she doesn’t quite trust my big boy not to burst through it.

Consequently, I’ve taken to placing Sable’s dish of food on the parapet of the concrete ditch. The height and added distance provides her with a security that a lower, nearer feeding location does not.

Such, I know, are the precautions that outsider- (and even insider-) cats must sometimes take. Their world is not a safe one, and circumstances are not always to be trusted. While I know that Renn would probably rely more on a growl and a hiss than a bite or a scratch, this knowledge is far from universal. Though I know him to be mostly harmless, this cat is, believe it or not, sometimes perceived as intimidating. It’s all in one’s perspective.


  1. Renn is a big-boned guy with impressive floof.

    I can imagine that to the other cats, he looks like Schwarzenegger .

  2. dood we iz crackin UP at yur chairz foto....☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    N wavez two ewe sable; we see ya bak ther bye de fence ~~~

    we hope everee onez week oh end iz awesum....iz dad bout reddy
    ta go on werk hiatuz like him does round now !! ??? ☺☺♥♥

  3. If Sable could see that photo of Renn, I am sure she would have no more fears of his ferocity!

  4. Renn, you are demonstrating what I would be doing if I had a chair like that. I have been looking for one for some time. So far I have not found one. Too bad mom can't squeeze into my tunnel. I expect she'd sneak thru and sit to read in that chair. BUT no fears...she is way too big for my tunnel. Oh and I don't have your coordinates so...don't worry.

  5. Yes, it pays to be cautious when you don't know what might come and eat you for dinner.

  6. Renn looks so lovable on the chair, to think Sable is not trusting
    of him, funny.

  7. Alex, who is my largest cat, reminds me of Renn - a gentle giant. He's all bark, (err... growl), and no bite. Alex even likes to sleep on his back with his paws up, just like Renn is doing in the bottom picture.

  8. Oh Renn, you are a big floof, with the heart of a hunter!

  9. What a hero Renn is..Bless him..!x
    I think he's waiting for his tummy
    rub John..! :o).

  10. Love the photo of Renn in his chair...oops is that your chair John?