Thursday, August 4, 2022


I wrote last month about Neville’s fur coming back after he was shorn in March. I had occasion to rid him of some mats this weekend and was pleasantly surprised to find very few problems in his fur.

The Nevsky’s fur is not very soft, for all its density; neither is it very coarse. But in the past, it knotted quite easily. I think the shaving he received several months ago has helped with that. I found a few mats and removed them, some with a comb, others with scissors and the rest with an electric trimmer. He disliked the experience, as he always does, but it did not last long.

There are little scoops taken out of his fur that look unattractive, but Nev doesn’t seem to mind. He’s happy to have his coat back, despite the heat we’ve been experiencing and, I think, is pleased with his look.


  1. Neville you are such a handsome fellow. With more fur back you are looking very good. Sorry about the electric trimmers. I am sure Precious would die of a heart attack.

  2. I must admit, l'm not to happy taking my cloths off....
    Not even for a shower, l often think of putting a
    raincoat on...after all...water is wet..! :O).

    Neville looks a happy bunny now..! Well, pussycat
    anyway..Bless him..!x

  3. Nevsky, those mats are just not fun, and your human is wise to care for them.
    However, I have seen videos about using cat hair like yours to create all kinds of items; perhaps you have sheep DNA somewhere?!?

  4. "...and, I think, is pleased with his look."

    We're all pleased too, Nev!

  5. Neville certainly is a handsome mancat and we think his fur looks beautiful and luxurious, obviously due to your care!

  6. Neville, you look superb...and those little scoops your Dad spoke of...those are air scoops just like race cars, to speed you on your way through the house!

  7. Neville is such a handsome cat, and while he may not enjoy having mats removed, I'm sure in the long run he appreciates getting groomed.

  8. Neville is looking very handsome with his fur grown back.

  9. Its great to lose those mats, Neville, before they get unmanageable. Then you'd have to shaved again and who wants that?!

    You are very handsome, but I think you know that, LOL!

  10. Neville you are such a dashing boy! But mats are no fun!