Saturday, December 2, 2023

Their Ablutions

Saturday is bath-night for me; other nights are for showers, but Saturday evenings, I have the time to relax in a hot tub (not a hot-tub, mind you), knowing there is a movie awaiting me afterward, and another day off on the morrow.

Apparently, it was bath-day for a couple of the girls here, too. They indulged in a little post-prandial, synchronized grooming in the afternoon. I suppose I should have given them privacy but, after all, that’s my bed they’re on…


  1. Hey, Its OK for Dad to pass on by while they bathe. I laughed aloud when I realized someone was on the pillow! The best possible place to be. The pillow will be pre-dented before you can even get in there with them.

    1. Pre-dented... Yes, I was thinking the same thing.

  2. So...It's a quick rub down with 'Sporting Life'
    all round then..HeHe! :O).

  3. Fortunately, cats are not bound by any cultural modesty!

  4. They are definitely getting themselves all cleaned up for the weekend aren't they. I wonder if Imogen misses crawling underneath the comforter. That would be one more girl on the bed now wouldn't it.

  5. Cats are certainly better than hot water bottles.

  6. Dearest John,
    You write that after all it is your bed that they're on...
    That is not the case here at home. The four (after Dido's passing) kitties claim it as theirs and they 'allow' us to sleep with them too.
    A hot bath sounds lovely but I doubt that I will have the strength for getting 'up' and that might be tricky. My weight is now up from 88 pounds to 98 but the legs are not yet strong...
    Dido did nurse me back with love and now it is up to me!