Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Cat-beds Come Out

It’s that time of year again. The temperature is dropping - well, this week it’s supposed to go up, but let’s not ruin the flow of the narrative - and the house gets colder easier. My heating bill will rise in inverse proportion to the temperature, and the populace of our little kingdom will need to don thicker clothes. For those who don’t have that option, there is an alternative.

The cat-beds have come out again. For the first couple of weeks, I simply placed them on the floor without the heating pads that I purchased later for them. But then this weekend, I noticed Tungsten lying, folded up like a little boat, on a platform of a cat-tree right above a heating vent. No fool, she. This told me that she was feeling the chill. And why shouldn’t she? She’s always been as fatless as a stalk of celery, and she’s a year older than she was last autumn: twelve and a half. My orange one is still active and healthy - but she feels the cold.

So the heating pads came out next, were inserted in the beds and those that use them are happy. Josie likes a heated bed. Why, I don’t know. I saw this overweight cat lying in a fuzzy bed, with the heating pad on, in the sun. I’m surprised I didn’t have to rush her to the emergency ward with heat stroke. But she and Tungsten both enjoy the beds, so they are set for winter. Renn enjoys squeezing himself into a bed. Tucker rarely resorts to them.

My house-guest Rachael, discovered the heated beds one evening. She appeared to like them, as well. But, if you read the next article, you’ll find that she will need a warm bed more than ever.

Now, if only I could lie all day in a warm bed...


  1. Your cats are very pampered indeed to have heated beds!!!

    I find that my cats will not sleep in cat beds if they are on the floor. I have to put the cat beds on chairs, dressers or ledges if they are to use them. This week I put our fleecy winter blanket on the bed and now there is no room for us...all the cats have taken it over!!!

  2. We've started sleeping close to Mom Paula at night as the temperatures drop.

  3. Those beds look pretty cozy. We've been sleeping more on the blankets to keep warm.