Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Imp of the Perverse

No sooner had I published the previous article on my blog (see below) than it was proven wrong. The very day that I described how my cats preferred a denim-covered Kick-a-roo to its plush counterpart, I went home and saw Josie doing this.

That’s the other Kick-a-roo over which she is making such a fuss. It is a tiger-striped toy, fuzzy; the same size as the other one of its kind, but with a decidedly different feel. The cats have played with it, but not to the extent of their interaction with the other. Now, Josie has a minor interest in books. When she sees one open on a table or bed, she likes to sprawl upon it. Perhaps she has picked up rudimentary reading skills, perused my blog and determined to have a laugh at my expense.

In any case, here she is having a grand time licking, kicking and biting the furry Kick-a-roo. The pictures are all blurry, as you can see; an indication of the unwonted speed with which my Chubs was enjoying the toy.

So the beasts continue to play with my mind, subtly and with a sense of humour. There’s no harm in it, and I take it well. Now, let’s see how the Great White feels when she realises I’ve substituted wet cement for the cat litter...


  1. Cats are just so silly. They love to play with our minds. Good job Josie. You all have a great Wednesday.

  2. bwaahahahaha....gotta keep the humans jumping :)

  3. We have one of those and Truffle carries it all over the house.

  4. Ha!

    "So the beasts continue to play with my mind, subtly and with a sense of humour."

    Very well put. Yes, yes they do. Cats seem to excel at that. :-)

    Neither of mine seems to care for the larger kick-a-roo types of toys, even with nip. Once in a long while and only very briefly.

    Well, we'll have to wait and see what's next on your crew's preferred toy list. :-)

  5. Hmmmm, it does make one wonder if Josie hasn't taken up reading doesn't it! She sure is making sure she is showing off too :)

  6. That's cats for you!! Contrary :)

  7. Just when we humans think we have it figured out, along comes a cat to changes things up. But Josie dear, is that not a compromising position for a lady? From, Eileen and Jessica

    1. Josie never worries much about the proprieties when she's having fun.