Monday, October 27, 2014

Just a Little More Snug...

A sure sign of the coming cold weather is emplacement of storm windows at my house. The screens that have allowed the windows to be opened, and the cats kept inside, have been on since spring. They could stay on longer; after all, Friday’s temperature is predicted to be 18° Celsius (64.4° Fahrenheit). But the days are, for the most part, seasonal, and the nights are chilly. There will be few days when the windows would be open, even if the screens were still on. This day was very windy, blowing at about 80 kph (50 mph) with gusts up to 100 kph.

Because the screens are simply fitted into the lower half of the windows, I take the precaution of securing them to the frames. This keeps the cats from falling out if they push against the screens. None has done that, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I would be outside for a while (I estimated half an hour), so I locked Kola in the parlour, so that Tucker could not get at him, if the roly poly one tried. Initially, the Floof-King was intrigued by what I was doing. He watched intently the removal of the screens, and their replacement with the storm windows.

Then he lost interest. He retired to the ottoman for some rest. All that paying attention - well, for a few minutes, at least - had worn him out. I suppose snoopervising a human’s activity isn’t as entertaining when you can’t actually interfere in it.

When I was finished, I entered the house again, glad to be out of the wind. The wind banging against the sides of buildings can make them colder than the real temperature would suggest, and every cat was snoozing in a comfortable spot. This is the scene which greeted me when I took off my jacket.

I wasn’t even thanked for making the house more snug...


  1. It's your *duty* to make the house more snug for the cats; no thanks should be expected. :-p

    BTW, it seems only a few months ago since you put your storm windows on (last year).


  2. They just assume it's all for them and no thanks are needed.

  3. They know you will keep them warm and safe so are happy to let you get on with it.

  4. But they sure do all look snug as bugs in a rug :)

  5. Now that the house is warm and draft free, the kitties are expecting you'll join them in a nap.

  6. Ungrateful beasts! Oh well, I'm sure they appreciate it (as will you) when the winter winds start howling in earnest. Snow flakes in the air here today, can winter be far behind?

  7. P.S. What ever is subjacent, photo4?.

    1. That's a reflection in the glass of me, holding my telephone as a camera. However, in examining it more closely, it may be interpreted as me holding a miniature, carved mask, with eyes, a snub-nose and bared teeth, as though to frighten Kola. If that's the case, it clearly fell short of my expectations.

    2. Too funny! Looks like white towel ghosts by his feet. Thought you might have decorated. I'll have to look for the mask.