Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Welcome at the Window

When I come home from work, there is often a cat or two looking out of a window. I can’t say for certain that they are watching for me, but it is enjoyable nonetheless to see them on a cat-tree, staring out. Tucker and Josie are the ones I see most often. In this first photograph, Tucker may be plainly seen, and Josie is almost hidden in the reflection above him.

I usually enter the house from the side-door, but sometimes I climb the steps to the front door, then peek around the corner at the roly poly one, if he’s there. I usually get a meow, silent to me, asking why I’m not coming in already.

My Chubs is most frequently seen, if gazing at the outside world, on the shorter of the sitting room cat-trees, to one side. There she is, all folded up and blob-like.

Renn I sometimes observe from outside curled up in the sitting room armchair, one of his favourite sleeping spots. But now and then, I’ll catch him at the bedroom window. The weather is getting a little cooler these days, and windier, so the windows are not open as much as they have been. My big boy has to crouch to peer out.

Cammie is sometimes watching the world from her old saddle-topped cat-tree in the bedroom, but pictures don’t show her dim-coloured body very well in such a setting. Kola will more often see me off from a window in the morning than welcome me back from one in the afternoon. And Tungsten would show up colourfully if she ever looked out a window, which she does rarely. Besides, as my veteran beast, she knows I’ll be home, so why rouse herself from a comfortable snooze just to look for me?

Seeing my cats at my windows is a sight that never fails to make me smile, especially when I return from an inauspicious day, which, at my job, is nearly every day. Yes, I will spend the next forty-five minutes feeding the animals, sifting through their litter-boxes, sweeping up debris and perhaps even cleaning up the odd pile of vomit. But then I will eat, and finally relax, and my cats will tell me I’m home.


  1. It IS heart-warming, isn't it? You have great windows for them!

    Annie used to sit and look out my bedroom window and I'd wave up to her when I was coming home, before entering the house. I often wondered if she could something moving from that distance. I'm pretty sure she didn't know it was me, though. LOL.

    I don't see the boys do that now, maybe they don't like the cat stand I have up in my bedroom as much as the old one.

    As for how you spend the next 45 minutes...Yep, that's the way it is for me too, and with only the two of them. :-)

  2. That is such a good feeling. Whenever I get home and pull the car into my yard, Mew Mew comes to greet me and climbs into the car and we have a nice long talk. It is great fun. Glad those cats are all looking after you

  3. Oh I love seeing my kitty in the window!!

  4. We would love to have a house with so many good window spots!

  5. I love looking up too and seeing a face at the window.... so cute!

  6. A welcome home is so rewarding. Flynn can't see us come home from the windows but we have a very high fence around the garden so he can safely stay out in the garden all day if he wants to. He is always waiting at the garden gate or the door into the garage when we get home though. If we stop to talk to anyone out in the stable yard he starts yowling to tell us to hurry up.

  7. Very often it is Marty staring out the kitchen window when I come home. I love seeing him. Then he greets me on the steps with all the Girls. It is wonderful to have a happy homecoming every day :)

  8. What a lovely welcome home. A joyful way to end the day. I hear Jessica we owing and banging on the door as I walk up the stairs to my apartment. From Jessica and Eileen

    1. I wonder if she knows to expect you at that time.

  9. Saku is our official greeter - he is often at the window, but since I am now parking in the garage by the time I get into the house all three are sitting in the foyer waiting for me.

    We cat people, have similar routines...the cats get fed and taken care of before we care for ourselves. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Have a good week!

  10. None of mine greet me at the door or even stir from their comfy spots unless it's meal time and then they will wait for me at their feeding stations. Oh well.