Friday, October 3, 2014

The Imposter

I think the veterinary hospital may have given me the wrong cat when I picked up Renn. Sure, he is in many ways like my Renn, but he is, well, even more like my Renn than my Renn was.

He is extra affectionate: he has a new routine of crawling up to me after I’ve gotten into bed but before I turn out the light. He’ll purr in his rough way and bump his head against my hand. Also, he greeted me at the door when I came home yesterday, which he hasn’t done in a long time.

There is the lack of vomit: that has ceased entirely. Josie has thrown up a meal or two, Tucker has returned a small portion of dinner now and then, Cammie belches in her eerie and disturbing way, and even Tungsten upchucked last night. But Renn’s stomach is stable.

Then there is the eating. He is eating almost all of the soft-food I put down before him, even at breakfast, which has never been a meal he’s greatly desired. He actually seems eager to receive his food now.

Who is this animal? Where is my sulky big boy?

Considering the veterinarian did very little for him, I can’t determine the cause of this change. He received a small dose of Metacam to relieve any possible inflammation. Could that inflammation have been causing distress for so long? Was he getting better even as I took him to the hospital, and this is the culmination?

Whatever the cause, I like it. Renn is even taking his syringe feeding of Recovery better than previously, and isn’t as mopey afterward. That feeding won’t last much longer. It will be replaced by a weekly treatment for hairballs. I am not entirely unconvinced that a hairball resulted in all this trouble; perhaps it caused an irritation in his bowels.

I am ready if the other Renn returns, as he may; for now, I enjoy watching the new, healthier, happier Renn eat his soft-food. I haven’t seen this fellow for a while. I hope he stays.


  1. Maybe Renn is so happy to be home, that he has changed his tune. But we are so glad he is doing so much better. That is great news. Hope he continues on that path. Have a great Friday.

  2. Hmmm, maybe he hopes if he's super-affectionate you won't ever take him back to the evil v-e-t. :-)

    Whatever the reason, we hope his change lasts!

  3. OH this is wonderful. He feels so good! Such a great thing to hear.

  4. He's probably just glad to be home. :)

    And now, I shall leave you all so I can spend the rest of the day brooding on this mental image of eerie Siamese belches.

  5. So very pleased to hear Renn is feeling fine. How happy he must be to be free of whatever was ailing him. If the "old" Renn returns, will it mean he's sick or in pain again? Or simply returning to baseline?
    Is there any sign of arthritis with him?
    One of my late black and white boys was passing stool only every 36 hours and needed to be coaxed to eat. After many false starts , I found out he had spinal stenosis and once the pain was relieved, he became more regular because it wasn't painful for him to posture and since he wasn't in pain his appetite and outlook improved.
    Perhaps the Meticam helped with arthritis pain.
    Give Renn a hug from us.

    1. From the way he leaps up the cat-trees, from the floor to the second or third platform, I'd say he wasn't feeling any arthritic pain. Right now, I think that he may have had a mild infection or inflammation, which has passed. He also appears regular. I will certainly be keeping my eye on his habits.

  6. I am glad that there is such a change for the better with Renn and hope he continues to do well.

  7. I miss a day or so and I miss so much! I'm sorry Renn wasn't feeling well, but am pleased to hear he is doing well. Silly boy...maybe he wanted a car ride? Doubt that!

  8. That is good news that Renn is feeling better!! :)

  9. It may that, much as people do when they go into the hospital , he did not know what he had at home until spending some time at the vet. They are such mysterious creatures and that is a big part of our fascination with our furs.
    May you continue with your new found enjoyment in your home Renn
    Dad Pete and Fur Family

  10. What ever the reason, I am glad he is feeling so good and acting so happy :)

  11. We are so glad that Renn is doing better but I do think you've got the right kitty. Thanks for the thoughts and well wishes for Zoe, we sure appreciate them.

  12. Just popped by to say that it could well have been one of my ancestors with Sir Banastre Tarleton! However, we don't mention it in the family because of the slave trade thing!!! MOL