Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Good Cause

This entry in my blog is a bit of an aside. Its subject is, in fact, another blog, called Feral Cat Behavior (it is written in the U.S.; that’s why ‘behaviour’ is spelled that way.)

Regardless of differences in English north and south of the 49th parallel, Feral Cat Behavior is the blog of a cat-rescuer who works against great odds. She and her husband, who has some strong medical issues right now, and a few volunteers, have rescued and revitalised many cats through the years. Despite the title of the blog, most of the cats she helps are abandoned or lost, socialised to some degree. She dedicates her time and resources to them. And speaking of the latter, she doesn’t have many of the financial kind at present.

Seventeen young cats need spaying and neutering very soon. Her veterinarian has given her twenty per cent off the going rate for the surgeries, but she still requires money to help these little creatures. She is aiming for $1,589 (U.S.) by Christmas.

This lady lives in a part of the world which doesn’t seem to value cats, especially strays. And with the Yuletide three weeks away, people understandably have other uses for their funds. But if you can spare a few dollars or pounds or yen, she would be very grateful. Her work constitutes a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.

Even if you can’t spare any money at this fiscally-trying time of the year, a kind word or two would be appreciated as well. You can get to the blog by selecting its title at the bottom of my side-bar (yes, I spelled 'behaviour' the Canadian way there; don't digress); the site's address is I need not remind many of my readers of the benefits of saving cats, but if you would like a nice memento, look at these three.


  1. There are people who do amazing things just because. This is one of them.

  2. That does sound like a great cause. I am all for helping people that are trying to take care of feral cats especially. I couldn't find the link to go to her blog. Let me know what the link is and maybe I can help a little bit.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. I only wish I could give her (and all such groups) as much money as I'd like to.

  4. Thanks for sharing this information. I'll be sure to check out her site. That's Renn, Tucker and Kola sitting in close proximity, right? No arguments, hooray!

  5. Thanks for the heads up. Went and donated.
    Marty and Mom

  6. What a beautiful sight! Kola, Tucker and Renn. Little miracles happen every day.
    Have you ever read a blog called Knatolee's World?
    ( Do have a look at the Nov.27 entry. Sometimes big miracles happen too, they just take the right people and a little time. Heading over to
    Feral Cat Behaviour now.

    1. I do look at Knatolee's World now and then; she is friends with the author of another blog I read regularly, Deb, from "Just Cats". I will take a look at the entry you mentioned.

      How is Spirit?

    2. I was surprised when I read that entry in Knatolee's World. I had read about those three kitens on the God's Little People log, a year ago! I'm glad that they are where they are now. Joan at God's Little People would take care of them, but like all rescuers, her resources are stretched, I imagine.