Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kola Not on My Lap

Readers may recall that in November, someone was interested in the possibility of adopting Kola. But the possibility was far away, in Seattle, and the person in question too particular. She decided against Kola because he is not a lap-cat.

The trouble with having a list of characteristics that your pet must have is that pets - cats and dogs - have personalities that change. As we who live with and love them know, part of the fun is seeing them come up with new behaviour as they mature or grow accustomed to a situation. Those who don’t have cats undoubtedly dread the conversation beginning with “Do you know what so-and-so did yesterday?” That phrase is almost always delivered with surprise and delight. Sometimes with exasperation, but mostly surprise and delight.

Kola is not a lap-cat. But he may be. In a household where there is less rivalry for the single lap, or where he is less concerned about the proximity of other cats, the Floof King may become a lap-cat quite swiftly. But even with me, he is edging toward that status. If the woman in Seattle had been less demanding and more flexible, she would have seen this for herself, and enjoyed the journey of discovering Kola in the process.

For once, a few evenings ago, no other cat had come to sit with me when I found a moment to relax on the couch with a cup of tea. Tungsten was asleep - actually sleeping, not just resting - in her beloved heated cat-bed, Tucker was elsewhere and Renn had yet to come out to join me. Josie  rarely sits with me and Cammie was up a cat-tree. Kola was exploring the sitting room, talking and talking and talking. I invited him up on to the couch and, after a minute’s hesitation, he jumped up.

Now, he may not be a lap-cat, but look at how he lies next to me. He is a friendly fellow who likes people. He loves attention. I am sure that several more instances such as this, and he will see what a lap is like. He may have been a lap-cat in his previous home and he is just very cautious about being one with me. But the lady in Seattle missed out, and Kola will be someone else’s pleasure to discover.

And notice how undisturbed Kola is with my big boy near. Renn is every new cat’s friend.


  1. You are so right. In hindsight I think it was the best for Kola that this woman NOT adopt him. She doesn't sound like the right fit, She may believe she is but really when it comes down to it one must be able to adapt to their personalities, just like they adapt to ours.

  2. That is better than a lap cat! I am glad she didn't adopt Kola, it is better all around I think. I don't understand these expectations people have. He looks so happy. I much prefer when Marty lies next to me like that, it is better than constantly jostling him.

    1. That's a good point. Renn likes to lie right up against me, and to have my hand on his chest, but he's not a lap-cat, either. I think that may be Kola's preference, too.

  3. I remember that horrible November day. I'm so glad Kola is safe with you and is going to spend a happy Christmas. That Seattle person probably liked the way he looked and then would have heaped all of her needs and expectations on him, totally ignoring who he really was. And when he didn't live up to her projections, he would have been dropped off at the pound without a second thought. Sort of sounds like a bad relationship, doesn't it. No room for who Kola really was, only room for what she wanted him to be.
    Kiss Kola for me and tell him how special he is.

  4. I also am glad she didn't adopt Kola. If not the lap, she most likely would have found something else about him that didn't measure up to her exacting standards. Flynn is a lap cat when it suits him. Put him on your lap or invite him up and he will decline. When it is his choice he will jump up and stay for maybe half an hour. Eric on the other hand was a total lap cat and didn't want to be moved again once he was on a lap.

  5. It definitely was for the best that Kola did not get adopted by the woman in Seattle! As you say, he might have been a lap cat previously but in a different environment his behaviours may have changed.

    My cat Silver, was never, ever a lap cat. She would, however, lay on the arm of the sofa and allow me to pet her. The only time I held her on my lap was the day before she passed away. She was too weak to fight me on it but her tail let me know she wasn't particularly happy.

    Just like people, every cat their own personality and Kola resting against your leg is as good as lap in my books! Nice to see he is comfortable with Renn too.