Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Can't Work Under These Conditions!

Last week, the electrical switch controlling the dining ‘area’ lights in my house ceased working and, though it has since been repaired, I had to move a standing lamp to the dining table. This enabled me to write, and also to see what I was eating, no small consideration when one is a cook on my level.

Renn has joined me from time to time on the table when I write. He usually sits and looks out the window. With the darkness falling earlier these days, however, the blinds are drawn sooner, and Renn has nothing to observe outside. He has compensated for this by finding something new on the inside.

The lamp was by my armchair in the sitting room. Renn has seen it there, but a new location renders an old object a novelty to cats, and my big boy has been sniffing the lampshade and staring at the light bulb, not something I like to see him do.

He has also discovered that proximity to the light bulb brings a greater amount of heat. This is something of which he has taken advantage. I don’t object to his continuing search for greater comfort - he is, after all, a cat - but sometimes it usurps my elbow room; in this case, literally. You may observe that, while I have space still in which to write, it is somewhat cramped, and the large cat lying quite firmly within my field of vision and arm’s reach is a bit of a distraction.

But the lamp is now returned to its proper place, and Renn, though he still keeps me company on the table, doesn’t lie down across it. He now just sits near my papers and sweeps them with his long, strong, floofy tail...


  1. ah yes - the office assistant - happy to help all your papers land on the floor :)

  2. I have found that mine follow me and camp out wherever I am. It's a good thing.

  3. Too funny. Cats are such a big help. Mine would have done the same thing. I am doing a post tomorrow about that gal that has all the young cats that need spaying and neutering. Thanks for your nice comment about us on her blog. Take care.

  4. " big boy has been sniffing the lampshade and staring at the light bulb..." Not sure why, but that made me laugh.

    Renn looks perfectly at home there and no doubt could pen the next Great Novel...if he had opposable thumbs. :-)

  5. Funny Renn! He must have enjoyed having your company as well as the heat from the lamp...score!

    One of my cats Silver was a heat-seeking cat...a lamp, an air vent, or the old huge computer monitor were fair game to nap on or under as the case might be. Just not my lap to my chagrin.

  6. Marty has found himself bored with these shorter days and has become quite the 'pot stirrer' here! Glad Renn just hangs out with you :)

  7. It is nice to have company as you work, even if it does make writing more difficult. Flynn likes to lie on the computer desk which I don't mind, but when he gets down he walks right across the keyboard and I have often lost what I have been doing.

  8. I'm just pleased they find us so fascinating. They must love us a lot.
    Spirit remains quite unwell. There was one day,one precious day, when I thought he might have turned a corner but that was it to be. Thank you for asking about him.