Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tungsten Nevertheless

In case you think that Tungsten is demoralised by the sudden tactic of subcutaneous fluids, I’d like to point out something new that she has taken to doing.

It is her habit to come to bed after I have gotten settled for the night. I generally sleep on my side with my head supported by the pillow. This allows the orange one to come up and lie against my chest, with her feet in the palm of my hand and her body curled so that her head rests on my fingers. She likes that. I like it, too, though I will want a change some time during the night.

Turning over to lie on my other side is fine with Tungsten. She will follow me. But now and then, I will lie on my stomach. This leaves my top-cat without a place to lie, or so she sees it. She will then commence to whine. She whines in a very small voice, like a stage-comedian on helium asking “Hmmm?” over and over. Sometimes I will give in and lie on my side again. Sometimes I try to outlast her.

If I attempt this, Tungsten executes Plan B. This comprises stepping onto the small dresser that serves as a nightstand on the near side of my bed. There she finds keys, loose change, pieces of paper and other items amongst which she may poke, and knock about. And she does just that, on the principle, I believe, of not permitting comfort if she herself is denied it.

I find it reassuring, in a very aggravating way, that she can still devise means of annoying me, even as she suffers from her ailments. As long as she can do that, whatever else may be happening to her, she’s Tungsten nevertheless.


  1. Ha! Good job, Tungsten. You definitely know how to get what you want -- though your human might not appreciate your resourcefulness.

  2. Tungsten is showing you she can affect your behavior to better her own. MOL Don't worry my cats do it to me too. They have us well trained and we love them for that!

  3. Mo says to tell her that there is a dip at the base of people's spines when they sleep on their stomachs that can be very comfy :)

  4. What a smart girl! Saku does that too to get my attention and he often knocks my glasses to the floor. Since I'm lost without them he always gets a reaction.

    They certainly like their routines!

  5. Tungsten is very smart in getting her own way. Flynn used to snuggle next to me but since he has been ill he likes to sleep on my tummy. If he gets off to go for a drink I turn onto my side. When he returns he keeps giving me hard head butts until I lie on my back again. Cats are very good in getting their own way.

  6. Oh what a sweet, funny cat! Although I am sure you do not agree when woken up in the wee hours. From Eileen and Jessica