Monday, March 2, 2015

Lazy Sunday

There is something about a Sunday that is relaxing. Certainly, it’s the day of rest but, despite God’s injunction, many of us must work on that day regardless, just to get things done, or to keep from being overwhelmed on Monday. In my youth, shops and businesses were always closed on Sunday, contributing to the sense of ease. Though times have changed, many still find Sunday a time for stretching out and snoozing. I know the cats do.

Furthermore, Saturday evening was an enjoyable time for the household, as we had a new friend to visit, and the cats were excited about that. Tungsten even condescended to say ‘hello’, and I think Cammie put in an appearance. It’s no wonder that they were all so tired the next morning, and had to spend the day recuperating.

In memory of the bright sunshine of yesterday’s early afternoon and the cats who took advantage of it, I present pictures of an easy Sunday, with nothing to do. At least as far as the cats were concerned.


  1. Of course the cats don't need to wait until Sunday to relax they can it (well) any day of the week. You must be a stealth at photography, it doesn't appear you woke any of them from their slumbers!

    1. I think they slumber so often that I'm bound to get pictures of them at some point!

  2. They all look so peaceful and relaxed enjoying their Sunday snoozing.