Thursday, May 9, 2019

My Own Little Sultan of Swat

My cats generally get along with each other. Cammie hisses and snarls if one of the others inadvertently comes too close to her, but aside from that, there is little hostility shown. What Tucker does from the dining table doesn’t really count, in my opinion.

His favourite location for relaxation is a chair at the dining table. Initially, he disliked the thin cushions with which I equipped the seats, but he eventually changed his mind, and now curls up on the central chair very often. It’s his chair, not only due to its comforts, but because of its location. From here, the roly poly can whap any cat going by.

Tucker is not a violent animal. He will eschew confrontation if it arises. But now and then, he will strike a passing cat. That is especially the case if that cat is passing under or near his chair at meal times. When he does it, I will remonstrate with him, and he will look fittingly contrite. And then whap the next cat who comes near his chair.

He is my own little sultan of swat.


  1. Oh Tucker you are like Annabelle, she loves to swat (playfully -- you can tell from her demeanor it's all play) Jinx's tail as he walks by her if she is on a chair cushion as he goes by.

  2. catfather; dad callz thiz yur chair....we call thiz yur throne :) N just sew ya noe.....renn iz rite bee hind ewe ;) ♥♥☺☺

    1. Renn may get past him without a whap this time...

  3. It seems that Tucker has claimed the chair, and he's letting the other cats know it. I have a similar situation - Willow has claimed the rocking chair in my den, and no one, myself included, can use it.

  4. LOL! He is just making sure that all know that is his chair.

  5. You are really something Tucker. You know that is your chair and make sure the others know too

  6. Seems about right to me - Saku

    Since there are fewer cats here, Saku has a tendency to whap whoever goes by whether it is Sasha or me. Brat!

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